Maria Pakulnis: She took care of her seriously ill husband until the end

A movie debut Maria Pakulnis was a performance in “Issa Valley” (1982) directed by Tadeusz Konwicki. “You will remember such a moment all your life. I met my compatriot – the wonderful Tadeusz Konwicki. I will never forget when somewhere on the set he said in my ear that I could feel the camera and it was good. He has never said certain things directly – that’s how he was.” And yet he made those little sentences work magically. They were like the most valuable clues. his great spirituality. And secrecy. That first time. it is always the most important and it is remembered – sensually. I remember “- said the actress in an interview with” Tele Tygodień “.

In 1986, Pakulnis starred in Stanisław Dygat’s adaptation of “Jeziora Consteńskie”. Janusz Zorski’s film won the Golden Leopard – the main prize at the prestigious Locarno festival, and Pakulnis’ creations were awarded the prize for the best supporting actress at the Gdynia Film Festival.

The actress continued her amazing streak with a performance in Andrzej Domalik’s “Siegfried”. In the film adaptation of Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz’s story, the actress played the circus director’s wife. This role contributed to the reception by Pakulnis of the Zbyszek Cybulski, the actress was also awarded by the magazine “Ekran” and awarded her the Golden Screen award.

In the years that followed, Pakulnis looked, among other things, in the famous debut of Jacek Bromski “Kill Me Cop” (wife of Captain Popczyk played by Piotr Machalina), “Upstairs, Downstairs” by Andrzej Domalik (Agnieszka Lilipowska) or “Oszołomienia” by Jerzy Sztwiertnia, in which she created a memorable duet with Władysław Kowalski.

One of the most important moments in Pakulnis’s acting career is his performance in “Piszczyk Citizen” Andrzej Kotkowski, in which she played the wife of the title character played by Jerzy Stuhr.

After the premiere of the film, the actress received a letter from Andrzej Wajda, congratulating her on the role. Pakulnis also offered a role in his next film. “I’m sorry I couldn’t play due to personal matters ‘Chronicles of amorous mishaps’– admitted the actress years later.

Pakulnis was also seen in the lead role in the third part of Krzysztof Kieślowski’s television series “The Decalogue”, where she played the “predatory and violent” Ewa – the former lover of the man played by Daniel Olbrychski.

Pakulnis played the last major cinematic role in Mirosław Borek’s “Konsul” (1989), where we saw her in the role of the lover of the title character, played by Piotr Fronczewski, the swindler Czesław Wiśniak.

In recent years we have seen Maria Pakulnis in television productions. The actress is in the regular cast of “First Love” and “Na Wspólnej”. She also appeared in “Prawie Agata”, “Father Mateusz” and “For Good and Bad”. However, she praises the role in the series “Say YES”, where she played the role of Zofia – the aunt of the main character, a divorcee who loves fun and male company. “It’s been a long time since I had such a well-written role. I had a really fantastic acting job,” the actress said in an interview with Newseria Lifestyle.

After long years of absence from the screen, Maria Pakulnis reminded Polish viewers of her juicy role in “Planeta Singli 3”. She played the role of the main character’s mother, Tomek Wilczyński, a strong woman from Masuria. “On the first day on set, I immediately had the most difficult scene. Something went wrong, I was wrong. I was nervous, I kept my mouth shut. Funny, because I’ve made a lot of films, including awards. But this one long break from the cinema made me feel like almost a debutante. Luck turned out well. And my nerves came in handy, because they fit the scene “- said the actress.

For several years now, we can see the actress in the series “Leśniczówka”, in which she plays the role of patroness Julia Izdebska. Several films with her participation are also waiting for the premieres. Among other things, it will appear on the cinema screen in the film “Johnny” about priest Jan Kaczkowski and a comedy by Bartosz Prokopowicz “Happiness Comes in Pairs”.

Tomasz Raczek once said that Pakulnis is a theater actress who appears occasionally in the film. “Now I am really mainly a theater actress. But at the beginning of my career I had some great films. Maybe I was a bit less fortunate later, maybe I couldn’t adapt to the prevailing circumstances, calculate or take advantage of the fact that I already have some output. Or my diplomatic skills failed. Apparently I was not destined for a film career, although I am very happy and proud of my roles in ‘Farewell to Autumn’, ‘Siegfried’, ‘Citizen Piszczyk’, ‘Konsul’ or ‘Extradition’ I am very happy and proud “- noted Pakulnis in the interview with “Tele Tygodnia”.

Maria Pakulnis was the wife of the actor and director Krzysztof Zaleski. “We met at the Teatr Współczesny and … it was an absolute revelation and love at first sight. A kind of incredible fascination. Besides feeling, we were connected by a great theatrical passion,” she told “Tele Tygodni”.

“In the beginning, Krzysztof was my master. It was he who introduced me to the fascinating world of theater and literature. He gave me books that I could not have seen in my hometown of Giżycko. Thirty years of living together, we never got bored. We had a constant need to talk to each other, to share thoughts. We loved to talk about art,” Pakulnis added.

Although the actress remembers her marriage to Krzysztof Zaleski as the happiest period in her life, she never hid that the beginning of their relationship was extremely difficult. There were many conflicts in their relationship that were extremely difficult to resolve. At some point, the constant marital quarrels turned into a serious crisis. Krzysztof Zaleski then decided to leave the house and sought comfort in the arms of another. This is how his fleeting romance began with a recently graduated theater school, Joanna Trzepiecińska.

However, Maria Pakulnis was determined and had no intention of giving up the fight for her husband. Krzysztof Zaleski clearly noticed his mistakes and returned to his wife. Some time later their son Jan was born.

In 2008, after many months of difficult and painful therapy, he lost his battle with a brain tumor. “All the while, when I was taking care of my sick husband and when he died, words of encouragement, support and compassion poured out to me. So much warmth, so much friendship … It helped me survive that period” – the artist tells about the most difficult moments in life.

Despite many setbacks in her life, Maria Pakulnis always found the strength to get back on her feet. “I went through several childhood traumas, illnesses, my husband’s death, but there was always a thought behind it: What, are you giving up your life? Will you plunge into despair? “Viva!” magazine.

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