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In the fall, tCHu Publishing House will publish another play by Dariusz Kozłowski. Printed version Lesistan can be found in stationary and online bookstores. you can order an electronic version of the play on the ADiT website. We invite you to continue reading in the summer.

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The author about himself:

Born in 1959, graduated from Warsaw University. At the end of my middle age I spend a little in the mountains of Rhineland-Palatinate and in Warsaw, and more often somewhere on the road, in a truck cab. I worked in museums, art galleries, antiquities, publishing houses and in college. It wasn’t that long ago that I was stabbed as if burned in several places at once, sprinting around town and sleeping at night. Soon it all fell apart. Outsourcing was canceled here, the legal environment changed there, and requirements beyond my jurisdiction were increased, and then… well, maybe I didn’t love me anymore. Strangely enough, it all happened almost simultaneously, and one day I was confronted with an unexpected freedom and an expected failure. But since this astonishing coincidence is a metaphysical phenomenon that cannot be contested, I decided to transform and reset myself. I emigrated, bought the aforementioned truck and started driving it around Europe. So I transport different goods from country to country, but without a drink. When I get the freight – I’m happy and I’m going, and if not – I go sightseeing or make up some stories in my head. The one for which this note is written, I came up with another means of transport, namely on Warsaw tram line 24, between Bemowo and Plac Bankowy. When I left the screeching vehicle, it was complete, all I had to do was write it. It took me three years. Before I started writing down similar inventions, I drew compulsively. I even had an exhibition and a regular comics column in a weekly for a country I’ve never been to. The splinters from that time have been preserved in the book All hope of corruption (columns and drawings), once published by LTW Publishers near Warsaw.


Genre: Tragifarsa

Cast: 6K, 10 + M

Particulars: the piece was published in 2021 by tCHu Publishers.

Two men, inhabitants of the capital, representatives of the social room, get lost in the Kampinos forest or, to quote Dante, “they were in the depths of the dark forest”. The author paraphrases A divine comedy, creating a (tragedy) farce about phantasms of Polish. Jan and Marek haunt successive “circles of hell”, and while their adventures are comical, the whole thing is full of reflections on the identity of contemporary Poland. The protagonists meet different characters inspired by Polish fantasy, but struggle with very real problems. Among them is the Highwayman, who would fight capitalism by robbing the rich, but first he must get a grant from the European Union to save the dying craft (i.e. theft). About Rozbójnik Madejski, one of the heroes will say:

“Madejski was in the militia all his life. An officer from Golędzinów – a party officer, of course. Apparently he made a mess of it. Somebody ran off drunk or something. The regime changed and the major panicked and hid in the woods. He found a pre-war bunker and turned it into a kind of cave. He’s stupid because no one would hurt him. His colleagues founded banks, financial pyramids, security services and brothels, and he…? […]”

Jan will meet the Witch, a bit of a mythical Circe, and a bit of an unleavened village idiot. But the Witch, like the Highwayman, only plays a role:

‘I remember the eldest being from Warsaw. She was an actress. She survived a tragedy, got sick, had no place to live… Because of this “Solidarity” there was poverty in the country, you probably remember. Single mother with two small children. Someone pointed her to this place. She came, first only for the summer. She stayed. She made up the role of a witch.”

There are also the hermit, the hardened Marxist, the Hamleting partisans, and the intelligent Moonshiner. The heroes’ comic-metaphysical journey ends with an insight into the nature of reality… or rather into the heart of Polish hell:

“JAN What can they do with a man, his feelings, heart, soul … They will throw them on the table, they will … make sausage, lunch for the masses … […] They give orders to hunt each other. We eat, we digest. That’s how it should have been in hell, and now it is.”

Kozłowski plays intelligently with the Polish imaginary, but also with the culture of the broad sense. Lesistan it is full of allusions. The farce costume makes the whole thing very fluid and energetic. It’s a marriage Divine Comedy, odyssey and Weddings AD 2022.

In the fall, tCHu Publishing House will publish another play by Dariusz Kozłowski. We keep our finger on the pulse!

Printed version Lesistan can be found in stationary and online bookstores. You can order an electronic version of the art from us.


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