Useful free android applications. 5 tools you should know

The Google Play Store is a veritable treasure trove of more or less useful programs. Sometimes we find a better counterpart to the solution we already use, other times we come across something completely new and fresh. Free Android applications can also be surprisingly functional – below are some tools that will make our lives easier.

Free Android phone applications. 5 worth knowing tools – table of contents:

  1. Free applications on Google Play – think about security!
  2. Small scanner. Application that allows you to hide a real scanner in the closet
  3. When I arrive. View the route, view delays and buy a ticket
  4. bookish. A revolution for the beauty industry and the services market
  5. Yanosik. More than just navigation – an anti-radar for smartphones
  6. BatteryBattery. Take care of the battery in the phone and check its condition

Free mobile applications and the Google Play Store – think about security!

While the Mountain View giant does a lot to keep the Google Play Store safe, with such scale it’s not possible to check every application for presence. malware or just badly written code. Such gifts and vulnerabilities are often used by cyber criminals.

Introduction of restrictive regulations related to the acceptance process i application verification would require huge financial outlays, which would reduce the profitability of the platform. Apple has long been known to lead the way when it comes to earning from the store, and Google attracts users with a larger repository free software.

free android phone applications

What does this mean for users? Especially when browsing Google Play content we are not free of thought. In practice, we often check apps right away, installing them almost on-the-fly, without reading reviews, looking at the number of downloads so far, or even a cursory search for information about the creators in the browser. It’s worth making a habit of checking permissions requested during installation – if they don’t match the purpose of the application, think twice before granting access.

The threat is real. From tests performed by the service Trading platforms shows that in the past four years alone, Google has removed as many as 1 million applications from the store that violated the platform’s regulations. Some of them contain malicious software (malware) and mechanisms that interfere with user privacy.

google play malware store viruses trojans

Small scanner. Application that allows you to hide a real scanner in the closet

The development of smartphones in the field of photography and the quality of the optics used have made traditional scanners a relic of the past for most users. The detail of the scan by the program TinyScanner It’s so good that I use this application to create documents for financial institutions or state offices, which are known for picking up the tiniest details.

Great resolution and reproduction fidelity is not the only benefit of TinyScanner. The power of this mobile scanner is in simplicity of operationclear interface and capabilities parameter adjustments image before saving the resulting file. We can change both the contrast and the gray level, which makes it easy for us to increase it readability of the document.

small scanner apps for android scanner pdf

Before the actual processing takes place, we choose one of two data sources – it can be both imagewhat are we going to do with the camera, or existing materials already in the device gallery. In both cases, we trim the contours of the actual document by adjusting the position of 8 points connected by lines.

The available formats are of course PDF and image filesand the result of our work can be shared directly from the application or sent to an email. The sharing function and file transfer to the cloud are supported by Dropbox, evernote, Google Drive and A disc.

The TinyScanner app can be downloaded at:

Tiny Scanner – PDF Scanner App – Apps on Google Play

When I arrive. View the route, view delays and buy a ticket

One of the best apps for people who public transport. The functionality is somewhat similar to Google Maps, although in this case, in addition to determining the optimal route, we also gain access to current timetablesand even posts about delays – we can even display the current location of the selected means of transport.

Jakdojade not only supports coachesbut also subway, trains and trams in almost all major Polish cities. With just a few clicks we have all the information and the exact time to leave the house. The most checked searches and destinations can be saved for easy return to in the future.

jakdojade useful android applications

Unlike the browser version, the mobile app is also supportive purchase of tickets. The purchase is possible both by charging virtual walletand use Look. After completing the order, the ticket will appear in the “My tickets” tab – in the case of an inspection, click on it and show the barcode to be scanned.

A useful function is the filtering of the search results. We can choose three ways to search for the best connections: useful, optimal and fast. Handy, as the name suggests, will exclude results that would require us to rush, walk and change connections, fast is a counterbalance here and optimally tries to combine comfort with reasonable travel time.

The Jakdojade application can be downloaded at:

Jakdojade: timetables and tickets – apps on google play

bookish. A revolution for the beauty industry and the services market

Are you trying to make an appointment for a hairdresser, hairdresser or beauty treatment, dial a phone number and hear a signal that the line is busy or no one is answering? “Maybe the customer is being served, I’ll try to call you later”. Maybe you’ll find that out later deadlinewhat we cared about can be busy.

A much better solution is to take advantage of Books. This app, which is causing a furore in the services market, is already present in more than 80 countries. What is his phenomenon? Let’s start with the fact that before we decide something, it’s easy we will check the prices you competition and opinion of customers.

book-like android applications

Make appointments is done with a few clicks and we don’t have to wait for anything. We choose a certain service, location and salon, and then only a specific date, which we can do later if necessary Action. Everything only takes a moment and the times of making a telephone appointment are gone forever.

Although the first successes of this Polish startup were largely due to its creators the beauty industry, the company’s current business profile is much broader. The application is also used by: Financial Institutions, auto repair shops, dental practices if telecommunications service providers.

The Booksy app can be downloaded at:

Booksy App for Clients – Apps on Google Play

Yanosik. More than just navigation – an anti-radar for smartphones

The Polish application has changed the navigation philosophy. In addition to the basic functionality and route mapping, the developers have made warning system about the actual road situation, created by himself drivers.

The data collected from 1.5 million road users is processed in real time, making us aware hazards, accidents, speed cameras if police check. This feature allows us to avoid fines and additional penalty points over time.

yanosik tutorial applications

An interesting option is also the possibility to set it in the program speed limitafter which we are (also audibly) informed of the need to slow down and be careful on the road.

Yanosik seems to be perfect addition to Google Maps, the more on Android we can view both programs (even a tile with the most important information). While the giant’s solution excels when it comes to the quality of the navigation itself, there’s no substitute for additional warnings and messages generated by the community around the Polish app.

The Yanosik application can be downloaded at:

Yanosik: Anti-Radar & Navigation – Apps on Google Play

free android apps yanosik

BatteryBattery. Take care of the battery in your smartphone and check its condition

BatteryBattery is one of the first applications I install on a new smartphone. It is like that because number of charge cycles it is measured from the first start of the program, not the device itself.

Analysis battery consumption and actual estimate battery capacityis not the only useful feature of the app. The program makes it possible, among other things, to check which programs are the most taxing on the battery and what it looks like battery life history (such as working or charging time).

free battery android apps

The sample built into Android only shows estimated values ​​based on the battery profiles provided by the manufacturer, making the measurements obtained in this way inaccurate. AccuBattery collects data directly from the power controller therefore, when using a particular application, it is a much more accurate tool in this regard.

In addition to the above, we have the option: alarm settings signaling battery charge to the level specified by us and display notifications even on the secure lock screen. Optionally we also change notification sound and we will hide the application from task killer Android (a mechanism built into the system causes background processes to be stopped, usually to free up the device’s RAM).

AccuBattery can be downloaded at:

Battery Battery – Battery – Apps on Google Play

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