Summer diet – what should not be missing?

Should the Seasons of the Year Affect Diet?

A nutritious, balanced diet should take seasonality into account. In the spring, cleansing diets full of fortifying vitamins work well, in the summer we seek refreshment and build immunity for the colder months. In the fall and winter we need to warm up, so we eat more filling dishes while trying to avoid catching a cold. Each season is characterized by a different specificity, which translates into the different needs of the body. This approach is related to the consumption of specific groups of fruits and vegetables, which are currently in season. Raspberries or sun-ripened tomatoes are much tastier and richer in vitamins and minerals than vegetables and fruits from greenhouse crops, which tend to be poorer in nutrients valuable to health.

What should the summer menu look like?

For some people, the summer diet consists mainly of fast food, fizzy drinks and ice cream, while others can live almost on water and their favorite fruits in hot weather. None of these diets are optimal for the body that needs vitamins and energy. Get to know the tips that will help you create a menu that works well in the summer.

Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables

Summer is the perfect time to enrich the menu with more fruits and vegetables. As we mentioned, they contain the most health-promoting ingredients right now. Asparagus, fava beans, beetroot, peaches and blueberries are just a small part of nature’s gifts that summer is known for. Eat colorfully and reach for fruits and vegetables in naturally intense colors that are paired with high levels of antioxidants. Experiment and prepare them in different ways, keeping in mind that simple and refreshing dishes are especially good in the summer. Crunch as many fruits and vegetables raw as possible and occasionally combine them with healthy fats.

Stay well hydrated

Even mild dehydration can be dangerous to health and life. On hot days and during intense physical exertion, we lose large amounts of water, as a result of which we also lose mineral salts. That is why it is so important to drink enough water every day. Can’t convince yourself to drink water? Try flavoring it with fresh mint, lemon balm, or citrus. In addition to tap, spring and mineral water, you can also get unsweetened juices, teas and herbal teas, but also water-rich fruits and vegetables, such as cucumbers, watermelons, radishes and strawberries.

Eat light meals

Healthy and easy to digest, not overloading the stomach and at the same time optimally filling and tasty – this is how summer meals should be. On hot days it is good to eat light dishes, the preparation of which does not require many hours in a warm kitchen. In the summer, cold soups and salads work well, as do various types of soups that provide extra hydration to the body. Do you want to make your life easier? A remarkable option is available in diet catering soup dietwhich supports a good metabolism and vitality and is also suitable for weight loss.

Pay attention to enough calories

Although summer is a carefree time, the calories consumed at that time act the same as the rest of the year, leading to obesity. This must be remembered, especially if you want to maintain the silhouette developed in the sweat of the forehead. If you don’t want to gain weight during your vacation, use the right strategy. Balance the ice cream dessert with whipped cream on a low-calorie dinner, and balance the tasty pizza with a long walk.

However, if you just want to relax in the summer and forget the time-consuming calculation of calories in meals, try it box diet from Poznaso you eat healthy, tasty and seasonal. By choosing this solution, you get balanced meals that contain exactly as many calories as you choose in advance.

Use your common sense and enjoy the flavors of summer!

The summer menu should be as varied as possible, with both highly digestible proteins and carbohydrates. Their sources are eggs, dairy products, pods, lean meats, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Also don’t forget the addition of healthy fat, reaching for oily fish, olive oil, nuts and seeds. If you want to feel light and carefree while enjoying the sunny weather, don’t overeat hard-to-digest foods that make you sluggish, and if you want a less healthy snack, try to include it wisely in your daily calorie balance. . Enjoy the flavors of summer, because your next chance to experience them is in a year!

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