Summer at work. Holiday allowance from employers

Vacations at work are a specific time.  On the one hand we wait impatiently for a holiday, on the other hand we often have more responsibilities due to numerous replacements.

Spending hot summer days in the office can be difficult. Employers from the Tri-City know about it and make sure that the time is a bit more varied. Holiday integration, ice creams, supportive sports activities and competitions are some of the ideas for a summer at work.

What to do in the Tri-City in the summer? View the Event Calendar

Sports and leisure

Summer is a great time to develop your sports passion. Regular exercise also helps maintain better physical and mental health. For this reason Intel he introduced new summer sports activities for his employees – spinning, yoga and running for beginners.

workers Ergo Hestia can participate in the summer The renewal program, including art encounters, webinars, and sports and leisure activities. There are also sports activities for employees – Nordic walking, zumba, yoga and functional training. At the beginning of holidays in the company it was also possible to take advantage of bicycle inspections.

Ice cream, juices, snacks

Fruit days are the order of the day in many office buildings, which is why ice cream becomes a nice distraction in the summer on hot days.

– In addition to a communal breakfast and afternoon apero meetings, you can prepare fruit cocktails every week in our kitchens and refill ice cream freezers – he says Magdalena TrederHR operations manager w Sii Gdansky.
Ice can also be used by employees of Intel and Ergo Hestia. And the ice cream for the start of the summer was served to the employees Thyssenkrupp. In we celebrated this season iced coffee daywhere employees could compose their own iced coffee with tasty additions.

Summer integration meetings

Long, clear and warm evenings are a good time to organize integration and corporate meetings outdoors.

– In June, after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, we were able to host a summer employee integration event. Individual teams also take advantage of the opportunity to integrate among themselves, often choosing outdoor attractions here – he says Regina Stawnickacommunication & change manager, Thyssenkrup.
Who said you can’t walk in the summer either… carnival ball?

– This year, exceptionally in the summer, the carnival ball, postponed from the beginning of the year, will also be held – he says Magdalena TrederHR operations manager at Sii Gdańsk.

High temperatures do not help you concentrate at work.  Some employers try to make their employees happy with ice cream or iced coffee.

High temperatures do not help you concentrate at work.  Some employers try to make their employees happy with ice cream or iced coffee.

Summer competitions and raffles

As every year, a competition is held in Sii .’s office Sii Around the Worldwhere employees share their holiday adventures and win prizes. has also prepared a summer lottery for employees.

– This year, during the summer holidays, we prepared a new episode of our annual Summer in the Tri-City campaign. Once a week, one person draws a card with two activities. One is always associated with an active way of spending time, while the other is more about peace and small pleasures, such as: ice cream tasting in an ice cream parlor of your choice, sports activities, trips to the beach, pedal boats, lunches in popular places in the Tri -City and much more, he says Weronika Stemplewska, recruitment and HR specialist, – Choose one from the two randomly selected activities, make a team of several people and go to the city. Such a draw allows you to take advantage of the opportunities that arise in our area during the summer, and in addition, it is a great opportunity to integrate the team and use the warm aura together.

Working from another place in Poland

He has prepared an interesting proposal for his employees Lidl. This year 300 people got the chance work during the holidays in one of the eleven summer resortsby accommodation of the company, reimbursement of travel expenses and additional profit. Each worker can move to one of eight seaside locations: Świnoujście, Międzyzdroje, Kamień Pomorski, Kołobrzeg, Ustronie Morskie, Darłowo, Ustka, Władysławowo or to one of three mountain resorts: Zakopane, Szklarska Poręba or Kudowa Zdrówa.

Legal advice at

Any Lidl Polska employee who decides to take on this summer challenge will perform their duties under the same conditions as in the home shop and maintain their position. He can also decide for how long he wants to switch workplaces: for the entire holiday, for a month or for one or two weeks.

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