Week of rebound on the WSE. More actions in short positions on CD Projekcie

2022-07-22 17:18

2022-07-22 17:18

Week of rebound on the WSE.  More actions in short positions on CD Projekcie
photo: Tomasz Ras / / Pulse Biznesu

Warsaw’s indices have posted solid gains over the past week. The Friday session sealed the good attitude of the stock market bulls, especially in large companies. However, the companies from the lower segments of the market stood out with the highest increases.

A lot happened during Friday’s trading and investors had something to appreciate following the influx of economic data, grain deals or information from the companies themselves. Weaker US PMI data recalled fears of a recession in the global economy and added some volatility towards the end of trading.

WIG20 won 1.11 percent. WIG was up 1.29 percent. and ended the week at 54,105.89 points, mWIG40 was up 1 percent. to 4,072.11 points and sWIG80 by 0.36%. to 17,079.66 points Turnover exceeded PLN 886 million, of which 686 million related to WIG20.


On the balance sheet of the week, WIG20 gained 5.04%. WIG grew 4.79 percent. On the other hand, mWIG40 registered a 4.06% increase. and sWIG80 at 1.96 percent.

Sectorally on the WSE, food companies (4.91%) led growth on Friday, fuels gained strongly (4.88%) and most games (5%). Of the 14 industry indices, 5 registered declines, with the media having the strongest decline (-2.24%).

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The morning was impacted by PMI data from European economies and the euro-zone, which announced the start of the recession. In this context, the dollar, or rather the loss of the euro, has been a challenge for those trading on the WSE, but the large company index rose, driven by the growth of fuel companies and the magnitude of the rise, which included the most companies in the portfolio.

In the second part of the day, data was released on PMI indices for the US economy, which turned out to be weak, especially for the services sector (47 points) and, as in Europe, indicate a time of recession for the economy. Much uncertainty about the further development of the situation, especially in Europe, which is struggling with energy problems and the political crisis in Italy, was visible in the moderate moods of investors. Against this backdrop, the WSE stood out with gains of over 1%. end of the growing week. The WIG20 reported above the 1700 point level, which has resisted twice in the past week and surrendered in its final session on the third.

In WIG20, the PGNiG exchange rate (9.15%) outperformed after the company released estimated sales data for the second quarter. Other fuel companies benefited from the strong recovery of Lotos (5.34%) and the clearly growing PKN Orlen (3.21%). The two companies will be merged and Lotos has filed an application to suspend trading from July 29. In return, shareholders will receive shares of the new Orlen issue.

CD Projekt was rated highly (6.44%), which according to Paweł Sugalski is still the most important Polish gaming company. In the KNF short sale register, two funds that play for the fall in the company’s share price have increased their net positions.


Across the WIG29, shares of 13 companies rose and only Asseco (-1.65%), mBank (-1.31%), LPP (-1.2%) and Pekao (-1.05%) fell more than 1 percent all other banks in the index and JSW fell below this level.

In the second line, the Kernel price stood out (7.37%), which, like other Ukrainian companies, won after information about the agreement on the unblocking of grain exports through the Black Sea. WIG Ukraine won 5.03 percent. Agroton got the most out of the basket (12.57%)

In the broad market, XTPL shares rose the most (31.51%) after announcing an agreement with a Taiwanese semiconductor industry partner.

Bowim’s ratings were high (17.26%), showing preliminary highs for the first half of 2022.

On NewConnect with 29.58 percent. The Columbus share increased and announced that the company, to which it has a pre-emptive right, had been given the conditions for connecting an electricity storage. The investment will be worth approximately PLN 1 billion and will be financed by external resources.



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