Travel agency siege despite war and inflation

“According to the reports of our entrepreneurs, we are so hungry for tranquility that we often spend our last money on it,” said Hanna Mojsiuk, president of the Northern Chamber of Commerce in Szczecin.

An attack on travel agents. “Tourists buy travel like there is no tomorrow. They say they don’t know if they can travel next year”

The tourist season in West Pomerania is speeding up. There is no question of 100% occupancy, but the interest from tourists is greater than the entrepreneurs expected in May and June. What is the situation of travel agents? Organizations affiliated with the House ensure that the season is very good, despite the price increases and relatively large uncertainty surrounding, for example, airplane flights. – Tourism has revived after the COVID-19 pandemic, but then the whole industry was stifled by the war in Ukraine and inflation. Our entrepreneurs report that we are so hungry for tranquility that we often spend our last money on it. It is a sign of the times that the current economic situation makes us decide to leave now, even if it is somewhat contrary to the rational planning of our house budget – says Hanna Mojsiuk, president of the Northern Chamber of Commerce in Szczecin.

The storm on travel agents despite the war in Ukraine and inflation

The reports from entrepreneurs affiliated with the Chamber of Commerce North who are engaged in tourist services are positive. It is a good season and Poland’s interest in going abroad is greater than expected. However, entrepreneurs admit that both inflation and the war are causing uncertainty in Ukraine. However, there are no situations in which Poles give up their holidays en masse.

– There are many people who have not traveled anywhere for two years because of the pandemic and are going this year, even though the prices are higher. Some say, if not now, then when? – says Agnieszka Strojny from the travel agency Aga Holiday. – This year we’re buying a little “like there’s no tomorrow”. Customers say they don’t know if they can afford it next year, so they go on vacation and just want to rest from trouble. In addition, a holiday abroad is probably cheaper than a holiday in Polish resorts – adds the expert. – Turkey, Greece, Spain, Egypt. Customers are interested in the exotic, because long journeys are increasingly cheaper or comparable in price than European countries – says Agnieszka Strojny.

Katarzyna Derlecka of travel agency Britas admits that the number of customers in travel agencies has been increasing since May, although the first quarter of 2022 was very difficult due to the war in Ukraine. – Despite the increase in ticket and petrol prices, customers are hungry for vacation. We have a high occupancy rate in European countries, but the Szczecin-Turkey connection is also a real hit. – Business tourism has not yet resumed. Online meetings made domestic conversations less popular during the week than before the pandemic, adds Katarzyna Derlecka. Experts admit that domestic tourist offers are also popular, but here, for the most part, vacationers decide to look for both hotels and tourist attractions on their own.

Poles are going abroad, but are foreign tourists also coming to Poland?

– Strong tourism is an important sector of our economy. As the Chamber of Commerce North, we actively work for our hotels, catering and the broadly understood leisure sector. We see that the interest of foreign tourists in Poland is high, but this is still not an ideal situation. Building a hotel base that will appeal to people from outside Poland has taken many years. Hotels and tour operators are counting on more and more tourists. Unfortunately, the war in Ukraine made this step smaller in the first half of the year than before the pandemic, but still slightly higher than in 2021 – says Hanna Mojsiuk, president of the Northern Chamber of Commerce in Szczecin.

– The information we get from the hotels is quite positive. There is no 100% occupancy, but the statistics for June and July are better than expected, adds Hanna Mojsiuk.

The Northern Chamber of Commerce in Szczecin is the organizer of the information campaign “Poland is safe for vacations”, in which we inform about the attractions of the West Pomeranian coastal strip and deny the information that the war in Ukraine has brought peace here, highlighted by some discomfort or threat.

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