PowerWash Simulator is the most relaxing game of the year

July 21, 2022, 4:19 PM

A Pressure Washer Simulator – PowerWash Simulator has recently appeared on Game Pass. Cleaning the surface for hours seems like an absurd job, and yet I can’t stop.

“There’s a game for you on Game Pass,” I heard at home. In “giereczków” everyone experiences the premiere StrayaMeanwhile I fly relentlessly with a pressure washer in it PowerWash Simulator and I was what I can of volcanic dust, mud and moss – playgrounds, house facades, gardens, vehicles. My tense office shoulder starts to protest after five hours of play, but at least the huge shoe now shines clean – one hundred percent clean, five stars. Since I washed myself for the first time House Flipperze windows with a pressure washer (or maybe a steam cleaner?), I knew the whole game is based on this mechanism: first, a matter of time, and second, it will completely absorb me. I was not wrong.

I'm awake because I clean the houses with the washcloth.  PowerWash Simulator is my game of the year - Illustration #1


Contrary to appearances, in PowerWash Simulator is what to do. There’s even a backstory – strange things happen in the city, the cat disappears and you, dressed in overalls and equipped with endless water supplies, clean everything that gets dirty as a result of a series of paranormal and normal (?) events. You can do this with someone else, which I haven’t tried yet, but I think it’s worth it. You can realize yourself in career mode (by completing orders as in House Flipper), in free mode or in “zero relax” mode (that’s what I call it), in which you wash on time and with a limited amount of water. You can buy and develop equipment, buy more detergents, read customer messages and delve into the secrets of the city.

If you work in the office every day (like me), think about the right posture at your desk. And one more thing – the fact that you are cleaning up virtual objects and meanwhile your house looks like a mess means nothing! Don’t let anyone tell you that you’d better focus on cleaning the windows. Everyone needs rest! And if, by the way, the game inspires you to clean up, so much the better.

What’s new?

Marcin Strzyżewski sits in our office on Zapolska Street, about a meter and a half away from me, who regularly asks us his favorite question: “How are you?” “Until 3:30, I ask, did I play the pressure washer simulator,” I tell him, and Łosiu bursts out laughing. I already have strong opinions about someone who likes these kinds of entertainment products. During business English I mow the lawns House Flipper, and for office dinners, I look passionately at the materials from the Lubuskie Cleanliness Center. Those who know me better also know that the content offered to me that Instagram accuses me of based on what I browse is threefold: manicure inspiration, brutalist architecture, and carpet cleaning. In addition to carpets, I have also been cleaning cars and apartments for a long time.

I watch with full dedication. Why? I don’t know. It was dirty and it isn’t anymore. Do you need more? Subsequent clean, dry surface strips, often combined with sonic ASMR or relaxation music, stretch my stressed and overworked nerves, give me a peaceful springboard, calm my brain. Repetitive, boring tasks of cleaning simulators work the same way. I know there are people out there who would find it unacceptable to spend their time this way – how about waving the cursor left and right for five hours?! Meanwhile I can’t stop. It must be clean.

What is ASMR?

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) – spontaneous response of sensory meridians; the abbreviation refers to a pleasant euphoric feeling that spreads over the body in the form of tingling, caused by a sound stimulus, but also, for example, by smell, touch or smell. It doesn’t work for everyone, but exposure to these triggers helps many people relax and reduce stress.

I'm awake because I clean the houses with the washcloth.  PowerWash Simulator is my game of the year - Illustration #2

Do you remember Marie Kondo? Programs about the metamorphosis of interiors and people? The theme of organizing and decorating as a tool to attract viewers who are burned out, tired of work and duties is not new at all, although it was only introduced into games for good, it seems to me, House Flipper. Make no mistake, marketers are well aware that in these complex and uncertain times, the mesmerizing (often watered-down ASMR) action of cleaning, organizing and redecorating will bind your audience to the screen. PowerWash Simulator it is clearly explained in the description that everything we will put in it, including listening to the hum of the washcloth, is meant to relax us. I expect more simulators like this in the future. Shall I use? Naturally. Will I be stuck with each of them for at least a dozen hours? There is no doubt. Will I enjoy the happiness of an uncomplicated life and clean surfaces? But how.

I’m not a psychologist, I won’t tell you why cleaning the wall piece by piece relaxes and whispers, “Don’t stop.” I have only one conclusion. Look for people in your life who will tell you, “There’s a game for you on Game Pass.”

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