I have a house plan – now what? Procedures for first shoveling on the field

The purchase of a plot of land and the selection of a suitable home design are important decisions that bring the investor closer to living in the dream space. To continue the realization of this dream and build a house, each Investor must prepare the necessary documentation, on the basis of which he will obtain a building permit or use the housing application procedure. What formalities and phases await the Investor before taking a shovel on the plot for the first time?

Adaptation of the project i.e. adaptation of the project to the plot and local legislation

Any house design must comply with the provisions of local law, which are specified in the Local Development Plan or, failing that, in the Development Conditions Decree. You should read these before choosing specific house designs as the above documents may include guidelines regarding the height of the building that can be built on a particular lot, the number of floors or the type of roof. The selected ready-made house design is then modified by a custom designer with the appropriate permissions. Her task is to adapt the design to the plot and its location in relation to the directions of the globe, possible slopes, soil bearing capacity, soil freezing zones, wind and snow load zones, as well as the height of the groundwater. In the adaptation phase, the designer prepares a plot development plan, taking into account the designed building, on a suitable geodetic map intended for design purposes. During the customization, the adaptive designer may make minor, standard changes to the home design at the Investor’s request to better tailor it to the occupants’ individual preferences.

Obtaining a building permit or building a house on request

In order to start building a house, the next step is to complete the formalities surrounding obtaining a building permit or submitting a notification of the intention to build a house. In either case, suitable applications along with full documentation must be submitted to the poviat starosty or the city office with poviat rights. The submitted application must be accompanied by: 3 copies architectural and architectural design, 3 copies of the zoning plan, a statement of the right to use the property, an order on the development conditions or an extract from the Spatial Development Plan and other required documents and regulations arising from the provisions of local legislation.

During construction, the procedure for the construction notification can be used detached single-family houses whose impact area lies entirely on the plot or plots on which they are designed, ie it cannot reach the adjacent plots. The start of the construction works can take place 21 days after the submission of the required documents, provided, however, that the agency does not object within this period.

In the case of a building permit, the investor has to be a little more patient, because the offices have 65 days to make a decision, from the date of submission of the application with full documentation. If the parties do not object within 14 days, the decision becomes final and you can start construction.

House designs up to 70 m2 – building a house without a building permit

As a result of the change in regulations, the notification procedure will also apply to homes with a built-up area of ​​no more than 70 m2 from 2022. Investors who are interested in projects of small houses up to 70 m2 and want to place such a house on their plot, can, after meeting a number of conditions, make use of the possibility to report the construction and, after submitting the relevant documents, immediately start implementing the investment. In order for this to be possible, the planned house must be a detached single-family building up to 70 m2 of development, not exceeding two floors, the impact area of ​​which will be located entirely on the plot on which it is designed and the construction carried out to meet the own housing needs of to satisfy the Investor. However, building such a house up to 70m2 does not require a construction manager or keeping a construction log in the event that the Investor does not appoint a construction manager, it is obliged to provide an appropriate statement that it is responsible for the management of the construction site. A statement is also required that the planned construction will be carried out to meet the Investor’s own housing needs. The construction work can be started immediately after the documents have been delivered to the relevant administrative body.

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