Face serum – which one to choose for the summer? TOP 5 of the best serums

Why is it worth choosing a facial serum?

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High temperatures and long sunny days are perfect for being outdoors. That is why it is so important that the cosmetics used in the summer not only provide optimal hydration of the skin, but also protect against strong sunlight. It’s hard to find a product better suited to this task than a facial serum.

Why is it worth choosing a facial serum?

Summer is the perfect time to give up heavy, deeply hydrating face creams and give your skin a break. It is worth choosing their light, non-greasy counterparts or a good facial serum – a cosmetic with a high concentration of active ingredients that meets the different needs of the skin. When choosing the best product for you, you should pay attention to where the most beneficial ingredients are in its composition: the higher the ingredients, the greater their concentration and therefore provide a stronger effect. However, it is good if, like the high-quality APIS Professional preparations (available here: https://makeup.pl/brand/330897/), they do not contain unnecessary clogs, synthetic dyes and aromas that can cause irritation.

How do you use a facial serum?

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The facial serum contains many concentrated ingredients, so in the summer season you can apply them in the evening and use a protective sunscreen during the day. If necessary, it is also worth applying them during the day, for example under the cream or instead – remember, however, that it is not as effective on its own. Thanks to the light consistency, a small amount of the product is enough to massage or dab. The serum absorbs quickly and does not leave a greasy film. The duration of use of this type of preparations should not exceed 4-6 weeks in order not to overload the skin.

Which summer serum for the face?

● Dry skin

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Hot, summer air and UV rays do not help to maintain a beautiful, healthy complexion, so in this case it is important to have cosmetics that deeply moisturize and nourish the skin. A serum that maintains optimal moisture levels and smoothes fine wrinkles, with hyaluronic acid and plant sugars in its composition, is perfect for this task.

● Sensitive and couperose skin

It is extremely delicate and prone to discoloration, so it needs a cosmetic that strengthens blood vessels, reduces visible redness, speeds up the skin renewal process and soothes irritations. It is good if this type of facial serum contains almond oil, vitamin E and glycerin.

● Mature Skin

A product aimed at delaying the first signs of aging should smooth wrinkles, eliminate dark circles under the eyes and moisturize, nourish and protect against external factors. The essential elements are two-phase hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5.

The best facial serum – ranking

1. Bioliq Serum Pro Intensive Revitalizing

It is the real power of rejuvenating and revitalizing nutrients. After a few weeks of regular use of Bioliq Serum, you will notice that your face glows, blemishes disappear and the complexion becomes smoother.

2. APIS Professional Detox

The serum has excellent cleansing properties (thanks to activated charcoal) and antibacterial properties (thanks to green tea extract). In addition, it moisturizes the tissue immediately and permanently.

3. APIS Professional Hydro Evolution

Another cosmetic hit from the APIS Professional brand of the online drugstore Makeup.pl, which stimulates the skin’s natural hydration mechanisms and makes it more resistant to damage.

4. AVA Laboratory Professional Youth Activator

The serum owes its fantastic rejuvenating properties to the combination of vitamin C with acerola extract with a high content of ascorbic acid.

5. Marion Golden Skin Care

The formula of the preparation is based on PhytoCellTec™ Argan argan stem cells, which fight the first signs of aging and accelerate skin regeneration.

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