Yes, the CPK buys houses and plots of land from Poland. Documents? Zero. Price? A fraction of the value

Responsible for the construction of the central airport between Warsaw and Łódź, claim that construction will start as planned, which is as early as 2023. This means that in about a year, excavators will be able to enter Baranów and nearby villages.

The problem is that there are still thousands of inhabited houses on the investment site. The company that builds the CPK wants to introduce new rules on expropriation, since there is really little time, but the planned regulations have not been approved by the residents.

And that’s not surprising, given the story of Ms. Lidia, who recently signed up for the Voluntary Readmission Program. The CPK advertised it as an easy way to get compensation for real estate purchases. It had to be stress free and good. There was no agreement because no agreement had been reached.

The story of a resident of Baranów Municipality was described by Polsat News. The woman received a real estate appraisal for six hectares of land and buildings, in total … 880 thousand. zloty. The appraisers offered Mrs. Lidia 152 thousand zlotys for the house itself. zloty. For the land she would get 9.70 PLN per square meter.

Let’s add that in cities just outside the planned investment, prices per square meter were already higher than PLN 70 two years ago. Now, according to the words of Mrs. Lidia, plots of land near Baranów cost 150-200 PLN per square meter.

The woman did not receive the original or the copy. When Polsat News asked him about property valuation, Konrad Majszyk of Centralny Port Komunikacyjny replied that CPK is owned by the Treasury and cannot overpay with public money for the land needed to build the airport.

So we have reached the stage where Treasury oversight authorizes CTH builders to offer thieves rates at the level of one third of the market value.

The atmosphere around the CPK is getting warmer

A few weeks ago, protests against the investment even reached Warsaw. Several hundred people protested in the capital. Residents of other regions of Poland are also angered by the high-speed rail route on the STH, as the railway lines often lead through the center of their towns and cities.

The CPK has even come into conflict with children and young people. On Tuesday, a 15-year-old girl from Guzów, the area of ​​the future megalithic airport, appeared at the session of the Sejm Infrastructure Committee. The teenager previously appealed in an open letter to the authorities of the Third Republic of Poland to leave her and her parents alone and criticized the company’s local initiatives.

The CPK company thought it was possible to bribe children with free camps and picnics (…) The CPK company organized a picnic in the municipalities (which are in the area of ​​the CPK construction), where free cotton wool were , popcorn and an open air cinema for the kids. It’s just a manipulation of children’s feelings that the company does nothing bad, but does good – we read in the letter

The government’s plenipotentiary for the construction of the CPK, Marcin Horała, claims this is the case. This does not mean that CPK manipulates young people, but that it does good. The company is touring all over Poland as part of a series of family picnics. On the way, she looked in Krokowa, 400 km away from the future airport, which was fortunately located in the constituency from which Horała ran to the Seym.

Events promoting the construction of the airport and the railway spokes will last until mid-September. The CPK seems to be pulverizing a huge problem this way. The number of expropriated for investments runs into tens of thousands. Residents describe the public consultations as a mockery and tremble at the thought that the new way of calculating compensation will be even less beneficial for them than the current one.

Construction opponents, in their opinion, are happy to cite one story that illustrates the ineffective PR surrounding the construction of the megalopolis. In June of this year, the CPK boasted of its contribution to the modernization of the playground in Baranów. Yes, the same Baranów, who will soon have to be run over with excavators.

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