What’s New in Fashion? A look back at the most beautiful projects for the coming summer!

Sandra Stachura

“La vita va vissuta” – life must be lived, is the name of the latest collection by the Polish designer Sandra Stachura. The designer takes his inspiration from picturesque Italy, where fashion is treated as a religion, and the highest quality and culture of craftsmanship are the determining factors for a good life. The Summer 2022 collection encourages all customers to reminisce and live a life full of la dolce vita – a celebration of the moment, the place and the taste. In Sandra Stachura’s projects, summer is a romantic trip to Mediterranean pebble beaches. The designer does not forget the purpose of our Italian travels – swimming in the warm sea and romantic walks between medieval towns. The brand’s latest collection includes swimwear in the colors nude and English green. The entire capsule collection for the summer of 2022 is complemented by romantic dresses on straps in maxi, midi and mini versions.

Sandra Stachura ‘La Vita Va Vissuta’ photo: press material


In her projects, Madelle. For years it celebrates femininity and combines it with retro style translated into contemporary fashion. The summer version of the brand’s clothes is more girlish and charming, but what is important – it is as comfortable as possible to wear. Madele Projects. for the summer, they emphasize feminine shapes, perfectly revealing the benefits. The holiday casual lets you play with clothes – gently unbutton the dress or pull it on to a bathing suit, and pair the white shirt with your favorite vintage shorts or wear it down on its own.

Dresses and shirts from the summer collection are made of very skin-friendly, comfortable and wrinkle-free material. It was important to me to create projects where the girls would go from morning to night and feel beautiful all the time

– says Magdalena Magnon, the owner and designer of the brand.

Madelle summer collectionMadelle summer collection photo: press material


COS was visited by the vibrant, romantic world of Lea Colombo – Cape Town native, artist and photographer. The collection is centered around the themes and colors that are at the heart of the artist’s creative practice – including visual arts, installations and performance.

The themes in the collection come from the series devoted to flowers – they are vibrant, colorful paintings that I create in the darkroom. Strong, contrasting colors are combined with delicate floral shapes, reflecting my search for ambiguity, balance and tension. The works are made in Cape Town, where my creativity evokes an extraordinary natural beauty. Applying it to your clothes is a beautiful transformation of energy

– commentary Le Colombo, who is also the author of emotional and colorful photos for the collection campaign.

COS x Lea ColomboCOS x Lea Colombo photo: press material


Regatta, a British outdoor brand known for its sportswear that is ideal for active recreation, has put together a list of essentials for all the family to pack in a suitcase on this year’s out-of-town trips. The list includes an extremely comfortable, airy and quick-drying T-shirt that helps to wick away moisture and Highton Pro leggings that offer maximum comfort in movement. What else is there to the iconic brand? For example, a lightweight rain jacket made of water-repellent material and comfortable trekking trousers with optional detachable legs.

Ragatta CollectionRagatta Collection photo: press material


Capsule collections are a timeless concept or a marketing gimmick? The Capsule collections, popularized by Donna Karan, have been adopted by the masters of sustainable development to offer limited but multifunctional suits on the one hand, while large companies use this name to collaborate with the pioneers of the fashion world. The Polish brand Philo went in the same direction and created a capsule collection – suitable for every occasion and every humor. It’s a minimalism that won’t bore you, nor will it… break the bank. The collection includes a smooth cotton T-shirt in white, perfect jeans (complete with a jacket) with a touch of madness, a lingerie style dress and lady style bikers. Prices range from 240 PLN to 550 PLN.

Philo Capsule CollectionPhilo Capsule Collection photo: press material

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