Vacation in the city. These accessories ensure a successful summer!

There are many attractions that the city space offers. There will be something in between for both those who appreciate tranquility in the bosom of nature, and those who enjoy active sightseeing and guided tours of museums and art galleries. One of the biggest advantages of a vacation in the city is efficient communication. This allows us to always find time and space for a quick change of plans and to go home for a spontaneous party with friends.

Vacation in the city. These accessories ensure a successful summer! press materials

festival madness

Summer festivals are the essence of vacation. These are not only events that gather the best artists from the country and the world, but also a space to meet great people and reminisce. During many hours of fun in the sun, remember proper hydration. Here the best solution is plastic, tightly closed water bottles that are easy to refill. Glass water bottles filled with your favorite seasonal fruits are also a good idea. It’s also worth bringing a blanket, which will keep you warm on a cooler evening and also allow you to rest comfortably throughout. It can also become an interesting addition to festival styles!

Local city trip

This type of activity is often chosen by families with children. Both young and old will find many interesting attractions. Museums, art galleries, exhibitions and parks. The list of places to go is really long. What is essential when traveling with toddlers is providing healthy snacks.

A lunch thermos made of high-quality materials is a perfect choice for all lovers of home meals. Polyurethane foam thermal insulation maintains temperature for up to 12 hours. The container can also be used in microwave ovens.

Natalia Nowak, an interior design expert at Agata Salons.

Always have a lunch box with compartments on hand, with a small fork attached. It fits sandwiches, granola bars, fruits and vegetables. Kids always have healthy snacks within reach and good energy means they are ready for these bigger and smaller adventures.

Vacation in the city.  These accessories ensure a successful summer!Vacation in the city. These accessories ensure a successful summer! press materials


It pays to make use of the green space, which is very common in cities. What to do in it? The best idea is to organize a picnic. The preparation would not be possible without a good blanket. Thanks to this, we can easily put down snacks and also relax while looking at the soothing blue of the sky. It is worth visiting the Agata Salons online website and getting acquainted with the wide range of designs and models available. Glass containers are suitable for snacks, which not only serve for transport, but also protect the food that is left for us. Bowls with lids, as well as dishes, which beautifully present the prepared snacks, will also work great.

If we want our picnic to take the form of a romantic date, be sure to bring stylish glasses and bottle opening accessories. Let’s take care of the smallest details to impress a loved one. Let’s prepare fresh baguettes in wicker baskets, choose plates and napkins that suit the composition. Let’s complete it with small candlesticks or lanterns, which will guarantee us a unique atmosphere.

Vacation in the city.  These accessories ensure a successful summer!Vacation in the city. These accessories ensure a successful summer! press materials

Best with friends

After an active day, we often feel like relaxing with our friends. Take advantage of the warm evenings and spend it on the balcony or in the garden. Boho style hanging “cocoon” armchairs provide comfort.

The armchairs are made of materials that are resistant to external factors. The oval shape of the seat provides a feeling of intimacy and pleasant envelopment. Thanks to the comfortable, snugly cushioned backrest, you can stretch out and relax in comfort

– Agata Salons expert.

Let’s not forget the typical summer accessories. Colorful patterned cushions and outdoor rugs will introduce this bright holiday atmosphere. The nocturnal aura is lit by wicker lanterns that will complement the space beautifully.

Press materialsPress materials Agata salons

Summer is a time of rest and relaxation, so when spending time in the city it is worth using accessories that will make the shorter and further journeys more enjoyable and make the time spent together with family and friends even more enjoyable . To get more inspiration, it is worth visiting the website or visit a stationary store and let yourself be carried away by your summer fantasy. Let’s recharge the batteries for the coming fall and enjoy every sunny moment!

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