These shoes slim the Jew beautifully. The best summer model is for your money!

Sandals are perfect shoes for everyday wear, but they are also suitable for special occasions – especially if it is a classic or decorative model. In addition, such shoes do not cost much, and at the same time you can buy them at promotional prices – you just need to be aware of the latest discounts so as not to miss any. What is especially worth buying and why?

Comfortably and sensationally slimming the calves photo by Imaxtree

Sandals on the post

Sandals on the pole are especially loved by ladies. A block is a type of heel that is extremely comfortable. It offers sufficient stability and is therefore a good choice for the summer – especially for people who have to walk a lot and like to be active. Sandals on the pole perfectly elongate the legs. The pole itself can be of different heights – it all depends on the specific model. Of course, versions with a high post are easy to find, but the most recommended shoes are shoes with a heel height of 2-3 centimeters. They slim the calf while providing comfort even when worn for a long time. They also go well with different things – both with dresses and shorts, with long pants and short skirts. This type of footwear is best suited for special occasions. Shoes – as long as the heel is not too high – you can even opt for a wedding and dance the night away in them! Most of the models are very classic and elegant, which makes them perfect for chic stylizations.

wedge sandals

Wedge sandals are very often chosen by women, because wedges offer more stability than heels – even if they move quickly and even if they are higher. Such models certainly lengthen and slim the legs, and also perfectly harmonize with many spring and summer styles. On a small wedge you will easily find sandals that have a very universal design. The wedge itself may look different depending on the specific model. Shoes with a sole that resembles a braid, but sandals with a cork are also very popular. A wedge can contrast or blend in with the rest of the shoe. Women usually choose black, beige or white shoes, which are easiest to combine with all kinds of clothes. Brown, navy or gray shoes are also popular, but intense, strong colors are also popular. They don’t necessarily go with a bag or belt – they can even stand out from the rest of the styling, causing them to break a little. Pink shoes can even match lipstick or the color of nail polish. Openwork designs or decorated with, for example, a bow, buckle or chain are very fashionable.

Sandals on a flat sole

Flat-soled sandals are of great importance. They are very comfortable, they offer sufficient stability and grip. They come in a huge range of models, so there is something for everyone. Leather sandals, sandals that look like thongs, sandals with one or more straps that can be arranged crosswise or wrapped in the shape of a bow are popular. A flat sole may be slightly higher – we are talking about sandals on a platform. They visually stretch the entire figure, lengthen the silhouette and make the ankles appear narrower – but a lot depends on the particular model we choose, and there are many of them. Many models from previous seasons have appeared on the catwalks and are back in fashion. However, not only refreshed old models are available, but also new trends. A very thick sole can also be combined with a massive heel – such sandals certainly lengthen the legs and make the whole silhouette appear slimmer. This is the offer for customers, for example Acne Studios. If you emphasize the waist with a belt, the whole outfit will look great! Classic sandals are the Sportmax range and Chanel offers its customers a model of sandals with quilted stripes.

Tied at the ankle, boho, romanes …

Among the currently popular sandals, you can find models that delighted in the past – including famous Roman women, also known as gladiators. We can find them on the catwalks of popular fashion houses – such as Valentino or Alberta Ferretti. Shoes can reach slightly above the ankle, but also to the knee. There are also models that are much longer – even to the mid-thigh of the Bronx and Banco – but such shoes will certainly be seduced by far fewer women. It is also worth picking up shoes that are tied at the ankle – with thin or slightly thicker stripes. These can be models with a flat sole, heels or wedges. Another proposal for boho shoes. It is a very trendy style that can include ankle strap sandals, but it goes much further. For example, such sandals can be decorated with fringes, geometric patterns, beads and even pompoms. Ladies also like to reach for fashionable sandals with metal ornaments – patterns can be seen again on the catwalks. Tom Ford suggests eye-catching buckles, while Versace focuses on chains. You can also opt for studded sandals, which in turn are promoted by the Italian fashion house Valentino.

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