Summer hairstyles: fashionable and simple choices from Wieniawa, Gąsiewska and Pisarek

Highlighted highlights through the face, the so-called “front blonde”, is a real hit among the stars. It’s perfect for people who plan to lighten their hair but don’t want to risk it with full coloring. Subtle gradations between shades are a wonderful way to accentuate your features.

One of the stars who knows how to use the “blonde front” beautifully is Julia Wieniawa, a young actress and singer.

Do you know this name? This is the most popular color this summer. If you don’t know if the color you look for so often is brown or blonde, then that’s probably what you’re talking about – bronde!

Wiktoria Gąsiewska (23), Polish actress known for the series “”, looks beautiful in this color.

Attention! The effect is difficult to achieve at home, so be sure to go to a trusted hairdresser for coloring. By the way, think of an original haircut.

The side compartment is a solution that returns from time to time to enjoy the release of new stars.

This option works for people with a square face shape. Brushing your hair to the side will make the scratches more subtle.

With a compartment on the side, actress and dancer Kasia Cichopek (39) impresses. In combination with the waves, the separation creates a stunning effect.

One look at Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan (44) is enough to confirm how beautifully this hairstyle highlights the facial features! Plus, it will work well with both shorter and longer hair. We are for yes!

There is no denying that when the bangs are too long, it can be quite problematic. Some stars don’t mind, and even more – they look gorgeous on her!

The trend can also be seen among Polish stars. Actress Agnieszka Dygant (49) opted for longer bangs and does not seem to regret her decision. It suits her very well!

Braids are a good and aesthetic solution for people who like long hair but have a hard time in the summer. The heat will take its toll on even the biggest hair maniac!

See for yourself how beautiful Agata Fąk (21), a young influencer and vlogger, looks. Her tails are fine and neat. They have a great effect!

Light waves, laid freely and irregularly, are very fashionable these days. Use a curling iron, straightener or rollers to achieve the desired effect. This is a great summer hairstyle for those with both shorter and longer hair.

See how beautiful Polish fashion model, actress and celebrity Natalia Siwiec (38 years old) looks. Her hair is always impressive, but we have to admit that waves in a holiday setting are our favorite!

Let’s stick with the waves for a moment. “Scandi waves” are S-shaped, but slightly flattened waves. On the surface they look careless, but they complement the styling nicely and emphasize facial features.

This is what Weronika Sowa (25), Polish influencer, looks like. Blonde hair paired with “scandi waves” is simply breathtaking!

Who would have thought that “bob” fashion would come back. This ever so popular hairstyle is the perfect cut for round and square faces. You can experiment with it, for example opt for an asymmetrical back or bangs of different lengths.

Playing with the term “bob” likes, among others, Karolina Pielesiak (26), a popular Youtuber of the “Szparagi” channel, which ended its activities in 2022.

Finally something for summer brides! Andziaks is a famous vlogger who, at her wedding in July, was delighted not only with a gorgeous dress, but also with a simple, minimalist hairstyle that revealed her face and allowed her to focus on the young influencer’s gorgeous makeup and facial features.

It seems that Karolina Pisarek-Salla (24), a participant in the “Top Model” program, had a similar idea and enchanted her with natural waves. Wow!

Celebrities can be a great source of inspiration! Are the hairstyles you choose on the list for your next barber visit? Let me know in the comments!

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