PKP Intercity: Wagon WARS, sockets, train delays, wifi. Where to check?

If we go a longer route, let’s see if we’re on our train PKP Intercity is gourmet car WARS. We will find them in warehouses EIP (Pendolino; Express Intercity Premium), EIC (Express Intercity) and some IC (Intercity). In other IC trains and trainsets TLK (Your Railway Lines) we sometimes buy non-alcoholic drinks and snacks from an employee with trolley-minibar.

About whether it’s on our train WARS or sell from the minibar, we will find out in the timetable. With the combination that interests us, let’s look for icons crossed spoons and fork (gourmet car) or sandwiches and drink (cart).

WARS does not work around the clock. The night trains close around midnight and open around 5am. You can also find the sections in which we use the offer in schedule.

We can eat in Warsieor order them to where we are using mWARS application. The exception is alcohol – beer and cider – which we can only drink in a gourmet car.

We can also read other information from the timetable. For example bus symbol with the word BUS whether the word BUS on the departure time means it covers all or part of the route the train is replaced by the bus. This happens when the route is being renovated – a modernization of the Polish railway network there is a lot now.

Let’s also prepare for the possibility – fortunately less and less common – that right next to our places there will be no charging points. This problem does not occur in the new trains and modernized carriages.

They’re on every train Toiletsand network access was granted in some warehouses Wi-Fi – connections include EIP and EIC and some trains IC.

If we appreciate peace when we travel by train EIP let’s choose a seat in the seventh car, that is zone of silence. There, passengers do not listen to music (except with headphones), talk loudly to each other or do not make phone calls.

When we go with the kidscheck if there are any specials places for a parent with a child. on trains PKP Intercity we will also meet places meant for People with Disabilities or she guardians.

We often take luggage. Not every suitcase fits on the shelf above the armchair, because sometimes they are too small. Then it’s best to arrange the packages on the shelf in front of the car entrance (or part of the train), and if there is no place or there are no places on it, we have to leave our luggage at the place where won’t disturb other travelers and PKP employees.

In night trains we must remember to wake up for our station – unless we bought it couchette or a bed in sleeping car. Then 30 minutes before our destination the conductor team will wake us uppass the occasion light snack.

PKP Intercity timetable and the vast majority of other railway companies, we will check in Passenger portalmanaged by PKP Polish Railways. This application and website provides:

  • data about train delays – both current and from a few days ago,
  • timetables from all stations
  • connection search engine (direct and with transfer, even if we have to use trains from different carriers),
  • walking route trains,
  • exactly station locations,
  • Information about equip trains (catering trolley, accessibility for the disabled, baby changing places, places for bicycles etc.),
  • quick access to ticketing systems PKP Intercity and other carriers.

Schedule we also check on the websites:,,, if Remember departure times change every three months within timetable corrections (and sometimes even during the validity of a certain version), therefore it is not certain that the train, which departed at 15:15, at the same time and on the same route, will also run in July.

It is becoming less common on long-distance connections eight-person compartments. Compartments into which it fits become standard in the second class up to six passengers. PKP Intercity it also has compartment-free carriages. When buying a ticket, we can decide for ourselves what type of car we want to use – provided there is such a choice in the composition of our choice.

Also on the website PKP Intercity we will find overviews of trains from selected stations. These are graphs showing how many wagons the train we are interested in has, in what relationships these wagons run (for example, they are detached from the train en route and led to another station – the so-called direct cars, about them below), and whether we will go by wagon trainor perhaps electric traction unit (EMU).

If our station is not included in the list of declarations, we can use the website maintained by railway enthusiasts: we will find there Pictures to show, what PKP Intercity’s look like: how many carriages do they have?which are? compartmentaland what is not where it is? the conductor’s compartmenthow many places are there in the compartments, and also, where exactly is the place?whose number we have on the ticket.

So what are direct cars?? When planning a trip, we may notice one of the following stations in the timetable the symbol of the car and an arrow leading from it – like here:

Thus the railwaymen inform about the fact that: some wagons in the train go to another station. Thanks to this PKP Intercity and other carriers do not need to send two trains on a common route. Passengers do not have to leave their seatswhen railroad workers uncouple their wagon and couple it to another locomotive.

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