Left: We propose that instead of a carbon additive there was a heating additive

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We propose to change the bill on the carbon surcharge in the design of the heating surcharge and also extend the surcharge to those who heat their homes with fuels other than coal – said members of the left at the press conference: Krzysztof Gawkowski, Adrian Zandberg and Dariusz Wieczorek.

At Thursday’s press conference in the Sejm, the deputies from the left presented their amendments to the bill on the coal surcharge, which provides for a surcharge of PLN 3,000. PLN for families who heat their homes with coal. The joint committees discussed this government bill on Wednesday and only recommended minor changes. The Sejm in plenary will consider the committee’s report on Thursday afternoon and the vote is scheduled for Friday.

Dariusz Wieczorek pointed out that in this law the government is proposing compensation for those who heat their homes with coal, while next year, according to the announcement of the chairman of the Energy Regulatory Office, “electricity prices could rise by 180 percent and gas prices by 120 percent.” “. Prices of other energy sources will also rise rapidly, he said.

“The Left Club will table an amendment at second reading. It will cover the name of the law – it will no longer be the Carbon Surcharge Act, but the Heating Surcharge Act. It will also apply to all Polish families, whether they heat their houses and flats, coal, heat and power plants, electricity or gas. It’s just that it should apply to everyone,” Wieczorek said.

He points out that the rise in the coal price will also increase the prices of energy from combined heat and power plants by about 100 percent.

As he added, in line with the left’s proposal, the allowance will be paid to those households where the income per family member will be less than the average gross salary in 2021, which is more than 4,000. zlotys.

“We want this amendment to be passed because it is fair to all recipients,” Wieczorek said. The cost of this amendment, he added, is PLN 25-28 billion. “We hope that the ruling majority will support this amendment in the name of social justice,” he stressed.

“If the government wants to follow the path proposed in the bill, it should extend this aid, in the form proposed by the government, to other groups as well. Since no Polish family can freeze this winter, regardless of whether it warms up, a house with coal, or something else as a source of heat “- said Adrian Zandberg. “The change of MP Wieczorek will protect all Polish families” – he added.

The amendment, he said, could be funded by those who earn the most from war and inflation. “I am talking about fuel companies, about the banking sector, about those companies that have turned the crisis in the coal market into an instrument of golden profit. These are entities that should act in solidarity by paying a higher extraordinary tax, to help people” – added Zandberg.

“PiS has drafted a leaky law that divides Poles and gives them no chance of equal treatment,” added Krzysztof Gawkowski, the head of the left-wing club. Because some families get subsidies, and some PiS will probably say in the winter: put on a sheepskin coat, he argued.

“It’s July, the time for systemic solutions that allow you to see winter as a time that will survive whether you live in the east or the west,” Gawkowski said.

The project assumes the payment of PLN 3,000. a CO2 surcharge for every household that uses coal as a raw material for heating, this must be confirmed by an appropriate entry in the Central Emission Register for Buildings. Climate and Environment Minister Anna Moskwa explained that the PLN 3,000 carbon surcharge will be available to every household heated with coal stoves. She added that the income criterion is not taken into account in the payout (PAP).

Author: Piotr Śmiłowicz

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