How do you organize your first solo trip? 10 tips

  • On your first solo trip, it’s worth going to a place that’s relatively close to home. It’s good that this place is associated with our passion
  • Good preparation before departure also gives us more self-confidence. It is especially important to check the communication links
  • For the individual traveler, the backpack is the best choice. If the suitcase is handy
  • Before you leave, it is worth making copies of the most important documents. On the other hand, it is better not to have all the money with you when you arrive
  • Our loved ones will surely help us with watering flowers. If they’re concerned, it’s worth giving them an itinerary and indicating where we’ll be sleeping
  • The first solo trip is a unique experience. During this time it is worth taking a break from everyday life, concentrating on yourself and discovering a new culture and tradition
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When something stresses us, we usually try to put it off. However, dreams of solo travel should not be shelved again. With smaller, achievable steps and good preparation, we can achieve our goal. How do you organize your first solo trip? We advise.

Your first solitary journey may involve more anxiety. To test your skills, start with a short, multi-day trip to a place in relatively close to home.

It’s good if it’s also a place that is related to ours to some extent passion or interests then we will be able to get into the new circumstances much more easily.

Good preparation before departure makes us feel more secure. Especially in the case of a trip abroad, it is worth checking all available home connection with the airport or local attractions. In many places it is possible to buy bus or train tickets in advance. It is also worth getting acquainted with the range of public transport tickets and, for example, buying a multi-day ticket.

The sightseeing schedule can also come in handy. However, in order not to be disappointed when traveling, do not plan too much. Flexible itinerary can lead us to places not included in the guide.

The idea is of course not to have a plan B for every part of your trip, but for the journey itself to your destination. A situation where our transport is delayed or canceled can be very stressful for us. Looking for a last-minute solution will only exacerbate negative emotions.

Therefore, it is worth not to worry too much, but to plan an emergency solution that will allow us to safely reach our destination.

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For the solo traveler, this backpack might be a better choice. If the suitcase preferably in hand. The smaller and lighter the better.

From hygiene products to electronics When packing, choose only the most necessary things. To reduce the amount of clothes, it is best to prepare a few styling sets at home. On the other hand, to calm the head, a list can help. It is available on the internet many pre-made liststhat we can fully use or modify slightly to meet our needs. However, it is worth remembering that even if we forget something where we are going, we would rather find a supermarket or a pharmacy.

Paris, Rome, Barcelona if Athens these are just some of the cities where you should watch out for local pickpockets. At the same time, well-connected capitals are often the most chosen destinations for solo travel. However, potential theft can happen anywhere.

Therefore, in order to secure our finances, it is best to leave some cash and at least one debit card in the room.

Documents should also be secured in a similar manner. A copy of the passport, ID card and other important documents can be put in a suitcase and kept in a digital version in an e-mail box. As a result, we always have them with us, and in case of theft they save us time and extra nerves.

During the theft abroad, in addition to the reservation of the document, it is necessary to obtain a temporary passport or temporary travel document ETD (Emergency Travel Document). To do this, go to the consulate whose employees must verify the identity. In that case, a digital document can help.

A lonely journey, especially in the case of women, can meet much more or less supportive anxieties from relatives. Usually, however, they are the result of anxiety and a certain dose of fear. Therefore, it is worth spending time with your loved ones, in which we present our travel plan to them and indicate the places where we plan to stay.

In addition to travel tips which they will probably be happy to share family members can also help us with our daily tasks. Water the flowers if feed the catare just some of the activities that often become an excuse to stop traveling, although others can easily help us.

A trusted neighbor will also check whether we have locked the door.

The first solo trip is a unique experience. At the moment it is worth taking a break from everyday life and not spending it on remote working in a different climate, but to focus on yourself and fully enjoy this unique time.

It’s also best not to provide your nearest current travelogue. Instead of long hours on the phone, it is better to collect experiences and share funny anecdotes and photos after your return. All you need to do is let your loved ones know from time to time that you are okay in your absence.

Regardless of where we leave on our first solo trip, it’s worth focusing on getting to know a new culture everywhere. Openness and willingness to discover new traditions and customs characteristic of a particular place will make us even more involved in our journey and we will come back with wonderful memories.

Before going abroad, it is also worth learning a few basic sentences in the language of the place.

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