Home and building owners submit 7.3 million heat source declarations to CEEB

Homeowners and building managers have submitted 7.3 million declarations about the heat source to the Central Emission Register for Buildings (CEEB), Minister of Development and Technology Waldemar Buda announced on Thursday. Data was collected from more than 60 percent. entities that are required to do so, he added.

The Central Register of Emissivity of Buildings, which was established under the amendment of the Thermomodernization Act, aims to help identify sources of low emissions from buildings in Poland. This national system collects information about emission sources in the municipality and housing construction. Data collected through CEEB will, among other things, provide the basis for the implementation of programs to replace old boilers, low-emission policies and the allocation of resources for measures to improve air quality. Claims could be submitted until June 30 this year.

During a press conference at the Ministry of Development, Buda announced that 7.3 million declarations had been made. “We have collected data from more than 60 percent of the entities required to do so,” he said.

As he said, more than 3.2 million statements related to solid fuel boilers, almost 2.4 million to gas boilers, more than 1 million to electric heating, electric water heaters and about 1 million to fireplaces, goats, air heaters on solid fuels.

The development minister indicated that some indicated two heat sources. He notes that most returns are on paper, municipalities are still entering them into the system, so the data will still change. He recalled that the municipalities have until the end of the year to enter the information into the CEEB.

“In the next phase, we want to conduct an audit of all buildings. We will launch it in Q1 next year. We will collect information on other elements and specifications of buildings, from thermomodernization to elements such as wall thickness, technical condition, local government, i.e. as part of the anti-smog resolutions or, first of all, regarding the plan to replace the soot in the given municipalities. They will decide at what pace this will happen “- said Buda. He added that a system will be created for local authorities to record building specifications.

The minister says that those who have not yet made a declaration about the heat source must do so as soon as possible. “This obligation was until June 30, so we are late. Theoretically there is an opportunity to punish, but I would not want to take advantage of it. We are waiting for the forgetful. We are waiting very quietly until the end of the holiday We will wait less quietly until September. After the summer holidays, such a rate will no longer apply. Everyone should submit such a statement “- he said.

Buda recalled that the basis for the use of a carbon surcharge in the amount of 3 thousand. PLN – draft rules on this subject are being considered by the Sejm – the heat source is reported to the Central Emission Register for Buildings.

When asked if there would also be subsidies for people who heat their homes with something other than coal, the head of the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism noted that coal prices rose the most. “Keep in mind that heating with coal does not come out of nowhere. This is usually the social group that performs the worst. We are looking for protective measures for the most disadvantaged people. These are houses, often in very small towns, that have not been thermally modernized buildings have “- noted Buda. “We are not ruling out anything, but at the moment we are envisioning such solutions” – he added when asked if there would be support for people heating their homes with something other than coal.

Buda also said he spoke to companies involved in the thermal modernization of buildings on Wednesday. “We are looking for the opportunity to carry out the thermal modernization works as much as possible before the heating season. We are doing everything we can to facilitate this process. We are looking for and want to support producers who produce materials so that there is no shortage of them. Yesterday’s statements are clear: both wool and Styrofoam are certainly not lacking “- he said.

During the conference, the congregations were distinguished that reached 100 percent on June 30. fill in the address file with CEEB declarations. The first place was taken by Siennica Różana (Lubelskie Province), the second place was taken by Terespol (Lubelskie Province) and the third place was taken by Zawidów (Dolnośląskie Province).

The declarations submitted show that the largest percentage of the so-called Kopciuchów (boilers that do not meet ecological standards) is located in the province. Pomerania, the smallest – in the Silesian province. In terms of number, the largest number of ulcers is in the province. Mazowieckie.

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