Film premieres early summer 2022

Cinema news July 2022

The cinema premieres of 2022 will pamper film lovers. During the summer holidays we can count on successful premieres for adults, but also on cinema news for children. We look at what’s worth going to the cinema during the holidays.

Dakota Johnson’s Cute But Netflix Persuasion Painfully Flattens Jane Austen


Jake tries to revive his daughter’s beloved companion and discovers that the android Yang has a secret memory disk of his own. Polish cinema premiere – July 1, 2022.

Direction: Cogonade

Types: Drama / Science Fiction

Production: United States


Documentary about the legendary composer Ennio Morricone. Polish cinema premiere – July 6, 2022.

Direction: Giuseppe Tornatore

Types: Documentary

Production: Italy / Belgium / Netherlands / Japan

Thor: Love and Thunder

Marvel’s “Thor: Love and Thunder” depicts the Thunder God facing a challenge he’s never faced – the need to find inner peace. However, Thor is not allowed to retreat from the galactic assassin Gorr the Butcher of the Gods, who is bent on slaying all the gods. To counter him, Thor summons the King’s Valkyrie, Korg, and his ex, Jane Foster, who – to his surprise – uses his magic hammer, Mjolnir, no worse than he does. Together, they embark on a perilous space journey to solve the revenge of the Butcher of the Deities and stop him before it’s too late. Polish cinema premiere – July 8, 2022. Disney +

Types: Fantasy / Adventure

Production: United States

Good luck, Leo Grande

After the death of her prudish husband, Nancy decides to find out what she has lost in the course of the marriage. Polish cinema premiere – July 15, 2022.

Direction: Sophie Hyde

Types: comedy drama

Production: Great Britain


Eight years ago, Anne Elliot was persuaded not to marry a handsome man from a poor family. Will he give up the chance for love again if they meet again? Polish cinema premiere – July 15, 2022.

Direction: Carrie Cracknell

Types: Costume / Melodrama

Production: United States

For a while, forever

Pola (Martyna Byczkowska) is at the peak of popularity – at the age of 22 she fills the halls at her concerts and is very successful in the music industry. One day, after one of her performances, the girl, under the influence of alcohol, causes a car accident. To silence the matter, the star’s father (Ireneusz Czop) and the star’s manager place her in an addiction treatment and treatment center, where the singer is forced to do social work. Soon there he meets Borys (Paweł Domagała) – a charismatic instructor, famous for his unconventional working methods. He too was once a popular musician, but fell into the trap of his early fame. Despite their initial distrust, the couple grows closer thanks to a shared musical passion. Unfortunately, the secrets of Boris’ past and Pola’s career are on the line to stand in the way of this burgeoning feeling. Is there any chance of happiness and true love for two people who share so much? Theater premiere – July 15, 2022.

Direction: Piotr Trzaskalskic

Types: romance

Production: Poland

And they continue to sin, dear God!

40 years have passed as one … sin? The Verneuil family has something to celebrate – such a wedding internship is no joke and, according to their daughters, a great opportunity to organize a grand surprise party. To make things even more fun, Rachid’s parents David, Chao and Charles come to parties from all over the world. If the Verneuils thought that four extraordinary sons-in-law is too much, they will only be surprised. Polish cinema premiere – July 22, 2022.

Direction: Philippe de Chauveron

Types: Comedy

Production: France

Crimes of the future

In the near future, humans will experience accelerated evolution syndrome. To find themselves in a new technology-dominated reality, they must transform not only their minds, but also their bodies to keep up with the demands of the times. Hungry for new, stronger stimuli, they experiment more and more boldly with physicality, pushing the biological limits of their endurance. Shocking surgical practices involving the implantation of new organs are gaining in popularity.

Polish cinema premiere – July 22, 2022.

Direction: David Cronenberg

Types: Horror / Science Fiction

Production: Canada / Greece / France / Great Britain

Netflix - illustrative photoNetflix. What to watch in July? In the news eg. “Weird stuff”

The Innocent

Little Ida moves with her mother and sister to a new town, where she meets her neighborhood peers and over time discovers a unique and dangerous bond with her new friends. Polish cinema premiere – July 29, 2022.

Direction: Eskil Vogt

Types: horror/thriller

Production: Norway / Finland / Denmark / Sweden / France / UK

Bad man

The unfulfilled actor gets the role of Badman’s superhero. He is suffering from amnesia as a result of the accident, and he really thinks he has amnesia because he believes he has an important mission to fulfill. Polish cinema premiere – July 29, 2022.

Direction: Philippe Laceau

Types: Comedy / Action

Production: France

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Cinema news for kids

Minions: enter Dec.

Minions: Kevin, Stuart, Bob and Otto must rescue young Gru, who has come into conflict with a group of super-villains known as Vicious 6. Polish cinema premiere – July 1, 2022.

Direction: Kyle Balda

Types: Animation / Comedy / Adventure

Production: United States

Papa Moomin Diaries

Full of warm, honest, family-like animation with a beautiful plot, set in the Moomin Valley. Moomin’s father recreates his childhood in colorful stories. He relives the most fantastic adventures. And all this is shrouded in a certain longing (which eventually affects us all) for what is gone forever. This is a story about Daddy Moomin’s childhood and youth as well as how he met Moomin Mummy. Polish cinema premiere – July 22, 2022.

Direction: Ira Carpelan / Jakub Wroński

Types: Animation / Family / Przygodowy

Production: Finland / Poland

DC Super-Pets League

The Superpies Krypto and Superman are inseparable friends with the same superpowers. Hand in hand, they fight crime in Metropolis. However, Superman, along with the rest of the Justice League, are kidnapped. Krypto must convince a hastily assembled group of animals from the shelter – Ace Bat the dog, PB the messy pig, Merton the turtle and Chip’s squirrel – to master their own newly discovered powers and help save the superheroes. Polish cinema premiere – July 29, 2022.

Direction: Jared Stern

Types: Animation / Family / Action / Sci-Fi /

Production: United States

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