Carbon additive. Second reading of the bill in the Sejm

New regulations introduced payment of 3 thousand. PLN for householdswhich are mainly heated with coal, briquettes or pellets. Any company that is registered in the Central Emission Registration Buildings, or that has submitted an application indicating a coal-fired heat source, can apply for the allowance.

After Wednesday’s committee meeting, the Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moscow she told journalists that the project has not changed in its main assumptions. She assured that in order to get financial support from the state, it was enough to make an appropriate application to the municipal office.

The allowance will be paid by municipalities from the moment the law comes into force. The application will be very simple, it will only identify personal data and check whether the citizen has submitted an application to the Central Emission Register of Buildings – explained the head of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

Accounting for CO2 emissionswhich the deputies will work on during Thursday’s meeting is to replace the law on the maximum coal price of PLN 966.60, the draft of which was passed by the government in June and signed by President Andrzej Duda on July 12.

For the time being it is known that they are prepared to receive a supplement of 3,000. PLN may submit withdrawal requests before November 30th from the moment the law comes into force.

– We are in a difficult geopolitical situation. Disrupted supply chains lead to rising commodity prices, which also contributes to the worsening situation in our households. Every government, good government, should be aware of this situation. The United Right government is not burying its head in the sand and tries to counteract these negative phenomena, the rapporteur, Rafał Bochenek, argued for the need to introduce the law.

During the 5-minute statements on behalf of the clubs Witold Czarnecki (PiS) argued that the Law and Justice government was doing everything it could to ensure Poland’s independence and energy security. At the same time, he pointed to the impediment of the opposition and argued that the compensation of 3,000 PLN is greatly needed by citizens, especially during the energy crisis.

Krzysztof Gadowski (PO) pointed out that there are almost 14 million households in Poland. – What about the remaining 10 million? We will not allow the PiS government to do the Poles again. We will table an amendment co-financing all heat sources – he informed.

Your lawlessness will soon end and you will be responsible for everything – Izabela Leszczyna (PO) threatened from the stands to the benches of the ruling coalition.

Dariusz Wieczorek of Nowa Lewica, like the Civic Coalition club, proposed a design change. – We recognize that everyone is entitled to this allowance, regardless of their situation. Let it be a heating additive. This is the name it will be given in our amendment. Its introduction will mean that we will really help everyone in this energy crisis – said the MP.

Not 3,000 PLN, and even 6 thousand PLN wants Poland the PSL . to give. Mieczysław Kasprzak of the Koalicja Polska club gave this amount from the podium, calling it “worth help”. – We don’t want to bid, but there are some calculations – he said during his speech.

“Comedy Act” – this is how he spoke about the idea of ​​​​regulating the maximum price of coal per ton Krzysztof Bosak (Confederation) – What idiocy in this room, it’s hard to describe – he added.

She started her speech with unplanned shutdowns of some power plants in Polish power plants (which took place on Thursday) Paulina Hennig-Kloska (Poland 2050). – The government just wants to buy peace – assessed the bill.

– We currently have a program that excludes residents of large cities. Second, people get coal that isn’t there. We have an inept government for very difficult times, she concluded Katarzyna Lubnauer (KO). While Beata Maciejewska The (left) called the bill “election sausage”and government actions “fooling people”.

Ryszard Wilczynskic (KO) called Anna Moskva’s “joke misunderstanding” at yesterday’s committee meeting. – You need to pull the thread of “goat”, a heating device written in Art. 2 of the relevant deed. Goat is a solution for the times as there is no coal or the money is enough to buy a ton or two. Therefore PiS begins the implementation of the “Koza Plus” program. Dear PiS, think about goat regulated prices. But there is also an optimistic scenario. The reign of PiS will end, we will lead the goat – Wilczyński summed up.

Masgorzata Golinska, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Climate and Environment started her speech with a question. – Are you having fun? This is amazing! You made a splash today – she addressed the parliamentary opposition.

Immediately after this statement, there was a buzz and voices of indignation in the room. The deputies had to be silenced by the deputy marshal Ryszard Terleckicwho at one point entered into a polemic with the most outspoken opponents of the bill on the CO2 surcharge.

– You do not distinguish between taxes and surcharges. It appears from your amendment that: you have absolutely no competence in the simplest economic matters – said the State Secretary of the Ministry of Finance to the Civic Platform, Piotr Patkowski.

Rapporteur answers questions Rafa Bochenek he replied shortly:- We focus on charcoal. This is the basis of our energy mix, the basis of Poland’s security. Coal will always be the raw material on which we will base our economy. And I will say more, there will also be a carbon supplement – he stated.

It ended there second reading of the bill on the carbon surcharge. Marshal Terlecki closed the discussion and sent the draft with amendments to the Energy, Climate and Assets and Public Finance Committee.

Second reading amendments were tabled by the clubs PiS, KO, Lewica, Polish Coalition and Poland 2050. The most far-reaching amendments tabled by KO and Lewica include payment of surcharges for households using not only coal but also other heating fuels .

Left has suggested paying the surcharge while you are in the household Per capita income is below the 2021 national average. In turn, the Polish coalition proposed to take over heat sources other than just coal a surcharge of 6 thousand. zloty.

The maximum spending limit for carbon additives in 2022 adopted in the project is PLN 11.5 billion. The funding source for the grant must be: Fund against COVID-19. The draft stipulates that the NBP will transfer part of its profit to this Fund if it is higher than assumed in the budget law.

Deputy Finance Minister Piotr Patkowski estimated that it is from the NBP . will come approx. PLN 9.5 billion. In addition, the project provides PLN 2 billion for guarantees for a credit line that BGK will create for heating companies.

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