Bydgoszcz. Summer at the theater – last show

From July 11 Chamber Theater in Bydgoszczy performs as part of the program Summer at the theater day camps”Upstream…The summer camps last until the end of this week, but July 22 at 3:00 PMand July 23 at 12:00 will have their climax – the last show prepared by the participants under the supervision of the instructors we will present on the terrace of the Rothera Mills.

designed by Radosław Drygas

Collaboration – it’s very easy

You just need to find a common language

And common interests
Then it works right away.

(Project participants)

The performance “Against the current” is the result of two-week summer camps in the Summer Program at the theater of the Z. Raszewski in Warsaw. Children and teenagers from Poland and Ukraine participated in workshops on acting, music, choreography and multimedia scenography, led by teachers from the Chamber Theater in Bydgoszcz. On July 22 and 23 we will show you the result of the creative work of the project participants in Tarasy Młynów Rothera. It is an artistic statement about the experiences gained during the joint process. Children and young people talk about friendship, being together in a bilingual group, cooperation and building relationships, shared experiences, new skills.

We conjure up a storm, sing a project song and involve viewers in joint activities.

Latter theatrical ideas are creating space to meet different views and experiences, education through theater and spreading the idea of ​​theater pedagogy, an example of this is the project “Against the flow”.

Summer at the Theater is a program of the Theater Institute Zbigniew Raszewski, funded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage


The Chamber Theater in Bydgoszcz was one of the beneficiaries of Summer in the Theater – the program of the Theater Institute. Zbigniew Raszewski, funded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

The project “Against the present …” made it possible for 40 children aged 10-14 years to participate in workshops in one of four groups: acting, choreography and dance, music and scenography and multimedia. The result of the participants’ work is a performance that is staged twice on the terrace of the Rothera Mills.

Classes will be held on July 11-24 in the building of the theater on Grodzka Street. We have invited Polish and Ukrainian children to participate; we also provided an interpreter. The recruitment results are available at the link


The project deals with the theme of the river and in the broader context of the element of water. It is an encounter with nature, the elements, history and identity. In Bydgoszcz we take the river for granted, an integral part of the city. We want to offer children the river to get to know the river, look at it and look at it from a different perspective. The aim is to show the river not only as a landscape element, but also as a place of different kinds of experiences (from positive to negative) and to provoke children to discuss the relationship between people and the river in the modern world. , what is the history of the river and how it fits in with our history and identity.

By means of creative assignments we want to stimulate children to look at nature in a different way than in traditional nature lessons. The starting point is the observation of the river Brda, the plants that live in it, the flow, the dynamics, listening to the sounds of the river, a bird’s-eye view of the course of the river through the city. Asking questions about when and why the weirs and locks were built, who built them.

The result of our activities is the last show. Children create improvised scenes inspired by the theme of the river and water. Through art therapy activities, they will discover the river within themselves, the element that is water. Then, inspired by excerpts from the texts “The Boy and the River” by Henri Bosco and “Water Children” by Charles Kingsley, the participants will look at the main characters of these books looking at the river, the water, the seabeds. They will get to know their adventures and awaken their imagination.

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