The project ‘Revitalization of the Dworcowa district in Chojnice’ has come to an end (PHOTO)

Angelika Ollik

Thanks to the financing obtained, it was possible to renovate almost 30 buildings with the joint participation of the Chojnice Municipality and 6 residential communities and a housing cooperative in Chojnice. The value of the project is more than 12 million PLN.

ul. Dworcowa 23

The contract for the co-financing of the project “Revitalization of the Dworcowa district in Chojnice” was signed on December 22, 2017 between the mayor Arseniusz Finsterand the Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship Mieczyslaw Struk. The task received funding from the Pomeranian Voivodeship Regional Operational Program for 2014-2020. Final completion of the revitalization works is scheduled for August 31, 2022, but now city officials in the person of the Deputy Mayor Adam Kopczynskic and Joanna Glappa of the Department of Development Programs and Foreign Cooperation made a field overview of the investments made.

The aim of the project was to restore socio-economic functions and improve the quality of public space in the most degraded part of the city. The program provided for the implementation of a number of integrated activities in the field of social services development and aimed at increasing social and economic activity, the so-called “Dworcowa District”. The total cost of the project was PLN 12 million 159 thousand. PLN 464, and eligible expenses PLN 11 million 100 thousand. PLN 102 The value of the grant amounted to PLN 6 million 71 thousand. PLN 619, including the budget of the European Union 5 million 137 thousand. PLN 524 and the state budget 934 thousand. 95 PLN.

Thanks to the funds collected, it was possible to carry out renovation works in the near future thirty objects.

The city of Chojnice has completed 3 investment projects as project leader:

– construction of the facility at ul. Dworcowa for social purposes, along with environmental development, currently used by about 15 children and adolescents, as well as 20 dependent adults (PLN 1.479.800.53)

– construction of Subisława Street on the section to Towarowa Street (PLN 2.959.04.97)

– extensive development of the Evangelical Hill space along with the construction of ul. Rolbiecki (2,602,091,09 PLN).

On the other hand, 26 investments were made by 6 residential communities and a housing cooperative in Chojnice.

The projects of the Wooncoöperatie consisted of, among other things: about: renovation of roofs, development of the immediate vicinity of multi-family houses, or renovation of stairwells, whereby extensive plastering, painting and electrical work was carried out.

Energy-saving lamps with motion and twilight sensors, terrestrial television and intercoms were also installed, and greenery was reclaimed by planting trees and shrubs, or by placing elements of small architecture.

On the other hand, the housing cooperatives covered by the program are located at the following addresses: ul. Wraszawska 20, ul. Dworcowa 23, ul. Dworcowa 28, ul. Piłsudskiego 22, ul. Swirki i Wigury 11, ul. Towarowa 1. Here, buildings as well as some backyards were renovated, giving residents a brand new place to relax at the back of their homes.

In some buildings, original features were also restored, such as wooden doors with railway symbols (ul. Dworcowa 23),

whether the facade has been cleaned and completely renovated (ul. Dworcowa 23).

In the oldest building under revitalization, built in 1843 at ul. Towarowa 1, the focus was on replacing the roof and reinforcing the attic construction, and creating a friendly garden for the residents.

The cost of the investment in the Housing Cooperative amounted to PLN 2,994,023.19 and the co-financing amounted to PLN 718,000. However, in residential communities 1,842,967.49 zloty, and a subsidy of 849,220 zloty.

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