The premiere of the Rosa collection for spring-summer 2022

This is a unique collection, because one of the strongest and most expressive in the history of the brand. And that is not the case here. This year ROSA celebrates its tenth anniversary.

On the occasion of the anniversary of the collection, spring-summer 2022 will be accompanied by two image sessions. “Preparing two campaigns was quite a challenge for us, but it was worth it! This allowed us to present the new collection in two completely different versions: poetic and very subtle and raw, minimalist. It is important for me to show the many ways in which my designs can be interpreted,” says Agnieszka Rosa, brand designer. The authors of the sessions are photographers who have worked with the brand for many years. On the wild beaches of Sicily, the rising star of modeling, American Maddux Callaway, was photographed by Sonia Szóstak. This season Maddux appeared on the catwalk of the Italian fashion house Bottega Venetta. In turn, at Studio Praga in Warsaw, Polish model Monika Sawicka, known among others, from the Celine campaign, was photographed by the duo Kulesza & Pik.

For Agnieszka, working on the collection was a pretext for a sentimental journey through time: “When I remember my first collections, I can confidently say that I am much more courageous in reaching for bold shapes today. One thing has not changed: when designing, not only the craftsmanship and precision of the finish are important to me, but also the wearing comfort and the way the jewelry fits on the body,” explains the designer.

Together with a team of jewelers, the designer refines the prototypes until the desired effect is achieved. Before this happens, however, he gives himself a lot of freedom to create. This is where education comes in handy. Of the architecture completed at the Warsaw University of Technology, Agnieszka best remembers modeling tasks. “When I go to work on a collection, I don’t make sketches or notes, I just sit down with the chosen material – polymer clay, aluminum plate or a regular sheet of paper – and a pair of scissors. I like to think with my hands,” he explains. Inspirations include travel memories, movie stills, photos of works by favorite artists such as the sculptor Constantin Brâncuși.

When creating the Spring-Summer 2022 collection, Agnieszka started experimenting with perfectly pure geometric shapes: a square, a cube, a sphere. “I wanted the larger models of earrings and rings not to be overloaded. As a result, even when worn separately, they look surprisingly, their flat surfaces act like a mirror “- explains the designer.

The square necklace was made of several dozen intricately cut gold squares. The doubling of such a simple shape gave a unique effect, which can also be found in earrings and a bracelet. The collection also features an all-new theme of gold lenses knocked out with jewelry tools called anka and puncin. The interconnected lenses created Disc earrings and ring and sphere bracelet, among other things.

For years, Agnieszka has inherited an invaluable source of inspiration, a jewelry box from her aunt Maja, who collected artistic silver jewelry in the 1980s and 1990s. Teardrop shaped teardrop earrings are reminiscent of those once worn by your beloved aunt. The characteristic long and very decorative closure has, among other things. model Sphere earrings with a large golden sphere.

New chain designs are coming this season. This time we have a choice of subtle Dotted No. 1 and no. 2, both decorated with delicate spheres, and Musa No. 3 and no. 4 – an original version of the classic figaro weave. Turquoise Necklace and Lapis Lazuli Necklace are necklaces made of precious stones: turquoise and lapis lazuli, which fit perfectly with the pure shapes that dominate the collection.

Also new are three variants of the Cubic signet ring, which we carry in sets just like the ring models from the previous Aster and Basileja collections. The round signet ring with onyx, the trademark of the brand for years, returns this spring in a new version with an oval eyelet. The oval ring can also be decorated with initials carved by hand by a jeweler. Another take on personalization is the subtle Cubic Letter necklace with a small cubic pendant engraved with a random letter of the alphabet. Cubes can form the initials or the name of a loved one.

About the brand:

ROSA is a Polish jewelry brand founded by designer Agnieszka Rosa. The designs are handmade by jewelers in their own studio and are made from only the highest quality raw materials. The collections are available in a stationary boutique in Warsaw and on the website

Photos: Agnieszka Kulesza & Lukasz Pik
Model: Monika Sawicka / D’vision
Styling: Daria Biedrzycka
Hair & Make-up: Aneta Kostrzewa
Scenography: Anna Witkowska
Graphics processing: Joanna Skiba

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