The CO2 emission rights bill – the Senate takes time for the works

The Senate will be in no rush to approve the carbon supplement regulation – informs RMF FM journalist Roch Kowalski. The Senate is not planning to deal with the regulations created in a few dozen hours until early August.

As noted by RMF FM journalist Roch Kowalski, The Senate will wait, but an express is waiting for us in the Sejm.

The law will be adopted by the deputies by Friday at the latest. Parliamentary discussions begin just 24 hours after the regulations are invented and approved by the government.

Senators won’t consider the bill until two weeks from now, as they want to thoroughly analyze the project so it doesn’t share the fate of the previous idea. Government compensation for coal outlets was so poorly constructed that no one wanted to take advantage of it.

Government spokesman Piotr Müller announced this work is also being done to help stoves with other raw materials. We are looking for tariff protection to protect other people from rising energy and gas prices, although of course this will not be fully possible as any tariff protection is subsidies from the state budget – say.

There is no more money in the state budget, mainly because the coal surcharge requires more than 11 billion PLN.

Yesterday the government has passed a bill on new CO2 emissions. Every household in which coal, briquettes or pellets are the main source of heat is entitled to: one-time payment of PLN 3 thousand. The amount of this amount is independent of the income.

The condition for receiving the allowance is logging in Central Register of Emissivity of Buildings.

In the current market conditions for 3,000 zloty you can now buy about a ton of coal. It takes about four tons to heat a house in winter. As a result, despite the government’s help, an ordinary Polish family will have to spend three times more on coal this year due to high prices than a year ago.

The money for coal will also no longer yield. Every year, Polish households consume about 15 million tons of this raw material, half of which we mainly imported from Russiawhich has now become impossible.

Once awarded, the compensation is tax-exempt and exempt from enforcement.

The prepared CO2 surcharge is for one-time use. Applications can be submitted immediately after the law comes into force, until 30 November.

The information from RMF FM journalists was confirmed: The government has proposed to lift the PLN 996 ton of coal law, which has been in force for a week. Instead, it will send parliament a bill on a one-off CO2 surcharge.

The problem is that the previous law was just misinterpreted and didn’t work. It assumed that an ordinary consumer would pay 1,000 zloty for a ton of coal, the state would pay another 1,000 zloty, and a third would pay a coal depot.

There were problems with the latter. Entrepreneurs didn’t want to waste every ton of coal, so they didn’t participate in the program. As a result, people still could not buy coal.

For the payment of the CO2 emissions the government will allocate about PLN 11.5 billion – informed on the website of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister.

In 2022, the prices of energy carriers, including coal, have increased significantly in the EU and domestic markets. This is mainly due to the Russian attack on Ukraine. It is also a result of increased demand for coal from 2021, e.g. due to the limited availability and high prices of natural gas, as a result of the actions of Russia’s Gazprom – underlined.

It was clarified that the one-off CO2 allowance will be granted to households for which the main source of heating is solid fuel boiler, fireplace, goat, air heater, stove, stove, coal stove or solid fuel tiled stove – powered by coal, briquettes or pellets, containing at least 85 percent coal.

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