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From the very beginning, Sylwia Gaczorek’s intention was to turn her living room into a creative art space. It is to set trends and reflect the temperament of the stylists who work in it. The owner of the living room wanted to furnish a loft-like interior that begs to be filled with works of art and avant-garde solutions. The author of this unusual and daring design is a team of architects headed by Prof. Jan Sikora, the founder of the well-known office in Gdańsk Sikora Interiors and teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk.

Hair salon Gaczorek in Warsaw: courage and distance

The interior design of the living room of Sylwia Gaczorek recently received the second prize in the Global Design & Architecture Design Awards 2022 in the category “Interiors – Hospitality”. The judges appreciated the aesthetics and innovative character of the interior with its contrasting combinations of colors and materials. What will we find inside?

The metamorphosis of Sylwia Gaczorek’s hair salon

From the very first moment you notice one of the strongest elements of the interior design: huge blocks covered with silver construction foil. They effectively illuminate the entire space while giving it a futuristic, avant-garde character. The light concrete floor is also impressive and in the hairdressing zone it is decorated with multicolored paint spots that resemble expressive brush movements. Associations with fancy hair coloring? Absolutely recommended.

According to Sylwia’s intention, many works of art have found their place in the interior. There are both contemporary sculptures, referring to the era of antiquity, and an oil painting by Prof. Jan Sikora, whose creation was inspired by the work of the legendary New York artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. The background for this and several other abstract works of art is rough plasterboard walls. Some walls are painted black to give depth to the interior.

All these elements make the hair salon a place of intensive creative work. And it really is. At the back of the living room is a glass-enclosed meeting room where members of the Gaczorek salon team gather. A lot happens here, but the interior is far from chaotic. On the contrary – it is full of lightness and energy, and each element has its place. There’s even a separate room… for billiards!

We have to admit that the investor boldly accepted every idea, from construction foil on cubes, to steel-cut curtains, to the floor splashed with colorful paint. The interior had to be #instafriendly, experimental and abstract like no other hair salon in Poland. Nevertheless, it is also functional, we have no fewer than 16 hair salons and a separate BARBER zone with a sculpture of a male torso. – says architect Dominik Tyburski, who contributed to the implementation, about the project.

Beauty in sobriety

At the back of the showroom, customers are welcomed by a reception stand made of rough, porous concrete. The steel curtain behind it harmonises perfectly with the silver foil-clad walls. In turn, the central part of the living room is furnished as a waiting room with two huge, comfortable, leather sofas. They were combined with two tables: one of transparent Plexiglas and one of concrete and glass.

The hair salon is also very impressive. There is a long mirror on the wall, made of a series of irregular segments, and the black border seems to float in the air. The whole looks very dynamic.

Here and there on the plasterboard walls, deliberately visible joints with putty are visible. This should give the impression of an unfinished arrangement, although it is a complete, fully finished project. The entire interior is illuminated by inflatable lamps that emphasize the avant-garde character of the interior.

We heard the best compliment about this interior after opening: “And when will the interior be ready?” There is one answer: never. Unfinished is a response to a truly artistic space that is trendsetting. A certain distance from the place is an inspiration and an elusive value in creation Brave investor this is the basis! – says Prof. Jan Sikora.

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