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photo by Mirosław Materek

We still have a week to go with Summer of the Muses of Everything. – This time it will also be scientific, because on Saturday there is VI Science picnic of the Kepler Science Center – informs Marta Blonkowska from ZOK.

July 20, Wednesday

17.00-19.00 I’m not bored in the summer Wine traditions of Zielona Góraa guided walk by Elżbieta Kaszyńska Lubuskie Association of Tourist Guides (meeting point pl. Heroes, at 4:45 PM)

July 21, Thursday

5.30 pm dancing in the park, Zielona Góra Cultural Center-filla in Stary Kisielin (Palace in Stary Kisielin)

18.00 with a book on a deck chair, meeting with … Aleksandra Radomska, the author of the book I have a doubt WIMBP them. C. Norwid (Janusz Koniusz Hall) in Zielona (j) we play

19.00 in Zielone (j) we play Jerzy Grzechnik In a hit concert … Zielona Góra Cultural Center (Amphitheater for the Zielona Góra Philharmonic)

July 22, Friday

11 a.m. fairy tales, fables, nonsense Nightingale, Teatr Cztery Kąty, Zielona Góra Cultural Center (Botanical Garden)

19.00 musical summer at Cafe Noir, Provincial Review of Young Ensembles (Cafe Noir)

July 23, Saturday

12.00-18.00 Kepler Science Center scientific picnic (parking lot at the Nature Center)

20.00 musical summer at Cafe Noir POP music concert by Anita Kulak-Czyż (Cafe Noir)

20.00 bluesowe noce, Tipsy Drivers & Harp Friends, Klub Piekarnia Cichej Women / tickets

21.00 window to music jewish szmonces, Princes Park in Zatonie

9.30 pm family summer cinema, Paddington, Palace in Stary Kisielin

July 24, Sunday

10:00 a.m. sports relaxation with Elżbieta Tatarczuk, Dolina Geśnika Beach

12.00 A family music picnic called “Very Cool Clown” and DJ Gleb, Dolina Geśnika-beach

5 p.m. concert of the Zastal Brass Orchestra, Amphitheater for the Zielona Góra Philharmonic)

Below are descriptions of selected events prepared by ZOK:

21.07 – Jerzy Grzechnik – In a hit concert …, 7 pm SQUARE BY THE ZIELONOGÓRA PHILHARMONIC

photo: ZOK press material

Jerzy Grzechnik – singer, musical actor. Fellow of the Aero Folkehojskole Vocal and Acting Academy in Denmark. Winner of Opolskie 2008 debuts, participant in television programs (including the Voice of Poland, Twój Twarz Brzmi Knowledge, Jaka to Melodia, Przebojowa Noc and Złota Sobota), plays in several productions of the Studio Buffo theater in Warsaw (including the lead role of Jan in the legendary musical Metro, in Romeo and Juliet, Peter Pan, Polita and in Thematic Evenings and Musical Performances). He also played Ernst Lubitsch, the male lead, in the German-language adaptation of the Stuttgart musical Polita. Author of lyrics and melodies. Producer of several music videos. In 2017, he released his own album “By me, about me” and composed and sang a polyphonic track for the radio adaptation of Marek Krajewski’s “Phantoms in the City of Breslau”, directed by Mariusz Malec. He also played in the play. He also participated in two music, theater and television shows, “Niezłomni” and “Freedom in Blood”, in which he played the lead roles. He also appeared in several episodes of the series “For good and for bad” and recorded one of Rocco de Shabos’ Jewish songs for the documentary “Niep Pamięnik”. He also starred in three ecological, acrobatic and musical performances as part of the BOHEMA HOUSE production: “In Doctor Dolittle’s Plastic Circus” (main role), in “Thumbelina – magic is in nature” and in “Climate Blamaze” (based on the motifs from “A Christmas Carol” Dickens). Jerzy Grzechnik also gives artistic workshops, organizes music evenings and appears as a guest in various music projects and concerts – also on TV (recently for example in “(Un) Forbidden Songs” on the occasion of the anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising, or at the Poetry Concert of the National Festival of Polish Song in Opole 2021).

July 22 – “Nightingale” Theater 4 Angles, 11.00 Botanical Garden

In the gardens, the Emperor of China lives a small, inconspicuous bird, which turns out to be the empire’s greatest treasure. All over the world poems and songs are written about the nightingale. The emperor will soon discover the power of bird song. The Nightingale will live in the palace, but not for long. A precious mechanical understudy will appear outside. Is it really capable of replacing the nightingale?

23.07 – PADDINGTON, dir. Paul King at 21.30 Palace in Stary Kisielin

photo: ZOK press material

Who wouldn’t take care of a cute little teddy bear sitting alone in a great train station? Mr. and Mrs. Brown and the kids took home a cute bear in a red hat without hesitation and…. from that moment on, nothing was as it was. The Paddington Bear has mysteriously arrived in London from Peru, but this journey is just the beginning of this extraordinary pet’s adventures. The quiet life of Jonathan Brown and his sister will now not only be full of hilarious situations, but also wonderful, magical events.

23.07.2022 JEWISH SZMONCES, at 21.00 Prinsenpark in Zatonie

photo: ZOK press material

Jakub Kotowski – violin

Janusz Lewandowski – double bass

Bartłomiej Stankowiak – piano

The concert contains pieces in a klezmer atmosphere, embellished with Jewish humour. It is moderated by Jakub Kotowski

23.07 – 6th Science Picnic – Studying across borders, parking space at the Nature Center

photo: ZOK press material

The Kepler Science Center invites you to the sixth Science Picnic, to be held in Zielona Góra on Saturday, July 23.

The date of July 23 was not chosen by accident, because it was on this day that NASA announced the discovery of an Earth-like planet – Kepler 452b, so the anniversary of this event is the best time to host the VI Science Picnic of the Copernicus science center.

This year’s picnic edition will take place under the motto: “Science beyond borders”. All activities related to this event will take place in the parking lot at the Kepler Science Center in the Nature Center from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM. The creation of 4 thematic zones is planned:

Stefa 01 – Space, Zone 02 – Nature, Zone 03 – Experiment, Zone 04 – Partners. In any

from these zones we have prepared numerous attractions, demonstrations and scientific experiments for our guests. Our event is intended for everyone, especially families with children are welcome.

On July 23, on the occasion of our holiday, the interactive exhibition in the Kepler Science Center of the Nature Center is open to visitors free of charge. Admission entitles you to a free admission ticket, which can be downloaded from the information desk on the day of the event (the number of tickets is limited).

The Kepler Science Center Science Picnic has become a cyclical event that has become a regular part of the city’s summer cultural offerings. This event clearly reinforces the existence of our science center in the minds of the inhabitants of Zielona Góra and the region.

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