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Red Bull Bike Part – Rules

If you participated in the first edition Red Bull Bike Part or you’ve seen the players send us their videos, you probably “more or less” know what’s going on. However, if you’re new here and have never heard of this rather unusual project, we’re in a hurry to explain.

The main goal of the Red Bull Bike Part project is to shoot a cycling film in which Polish riders will play the leading role. The film will consist of clips recorded by the participants during the online part of the challenge and shots taken during the last workshops with the Godziek brothers.

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Red Bull Bike Part 2022 – we’re back!

4 weeks, 4 tasks, 4 locations – Red Bull Bike Part returns in 2022 with a new edition.

Because we really wanted our production to involve as much of the cycling community as possible, most of the competition will be played online. For four weeks, Red Bull Bike Part participants can send us clips from four different “worlds”, such as: City, Skate Park, Nature and “Wow Location”. Recorded videos must contain certain elements to prove their authenticity.

The best, most active and creative players who get through all the “parties” in time compete for Cossack prizes of Samsung Galaxy, Dometic, Red Bull Mobile, Garmin and an invitation to the last workshop with the Godziek brothers. During the two-day shooting, the director of the film Alexander Osmacek will take extra shots that will combine our film into a cohesive whole.


Categories and tasks – level 2.0

This year we will implement a few solutions that will take our project to a new, higher level. As for the format of the match, not much has changed – we still have four games to be recorded and sent on specific dates. However, the categories and challenges that the participants face are changing.

The riders are divided into four categories: BMX, MTB, MTB FULL and OTHER. This will make the judges’ assessments more accurate, as comparing the technical combinations made on the BMX with the crazy lines ridden on downhill bikes proved very complicated last year. Each participant can assign to one category and upload only one video per week. A team of independent experts decides on the end result Szymon Godziek, dawid godsick and Aleksander Osmałek (director).

Check out what the film looked like after the first edition of the Red Bull Bike Part project:

12 minutes

Red Bull Bike Part

Brothers Godziek and creative Polish riders invite you to Red Bull Bike Part – a movie never seen before!

During Red Bull Bike Part 2.0, we focus on locations rather than challenges. Each of you has a different style and specializes in completely different elements, so we’ve decided that in addition to the general rules regarding places, you will have complete freedom. Competitors who want to compete for top positions must enter four parties into the system at the set time that correspond to the designated locations. Every rider who sends 4 matches in the correct timeslots will receive a guaranteed prize in the form of a bucket hata, socks and a Red Bull 2 ​​pack! But let’s go back to the location:

Part I – Skate Park (3 – 10 August)

Red Bull Bike Part – Park

© Red Bull Polska

While a skate park is a place where you ride a BMX or a street bike, we’ve already seen motocross machines and even lanes on it. Of course we don’t encourage this kind of exercise, but since you can go wild in the park with motorized toys, a slightly larger freeride bike will certainly work too. Don’t look for excuses – look for solutions!

Part II – Nature (11-17 August)

Red Bull Bicycle Part - Natura

Red Bull Bicycle Part – Natura

© Red Bull Polska

A tree, a forest trail, a dirt park, an earthhop made in the middle of the forest – we have a few more ideas, but we hope you come up with them yourself. Make the most of the opportunities that Mother Nature offers in this challenge. What does this mean in practice? The fun part is that your movies set the rules and set the limits!

Part III – The City (August 18 – 24)

Red Bull Bike Part - City

Red Bull Bike Part – City

© Red Bull Polska

Concrete jungle or bicycle playground of specific dimensions? You decide how you use stairs, pipes, parks and all elements of urban infrastructure. Show us what you can do and show your cycling skills, which the rest of the participants can only envy. Extra points for creativity, always included!

Part IV – Wow Location (August 25-31)

Red Bull Bike Part – Wow location

© Red Bull Polska

Surprise us! And even more than in the previous three challenges. If you have the last ace up your sleeve, now is your moment. Show us that the ceiling is still a long way off and that Polish riders are just as creative as the great Fabio Wibmer. Castle, roof of the building, driving underwater, in the water, in the air – and the rest, you know how best to play this challenge!

Glory, fame, the status of a cyclist and … A lot of bicycle gifts with a total value of more than PLN 60,000. The best three from each category are invited to the final recordings with the Godziek brothers and receive specific prizes. In addition, we award prizes every week for creativity and unconventional cycling approach. What can the players participating in the Red Bull Bike Part fight for? See below, grab your bike and start shooting your race videos now. Good luck!

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