Opposition MPs: The draft law on the CPK leads to damage …

MPs from KO, Poland 2050, KP-PSL and the left called on Wednesday to reject the property management bill. This concerns compensation for expropriation for public investments, such as: CPK.

The press conference in the Sejm was attended by MPs Maciej Lasek (KO), Gabriela Lenartowicz (KO), Mirosław Suchoń (Poland 2050), Stefan Krajewski (KP-PSL) and Karolina Pawliczak (Left).

The design change for property management changes the method of determining the amount of the compensation for expropriation of property for public investments, such as the Central Communication Port.

According to the concept, the compensation will in any case be related to the market value of the property. A cash bonus will be added to the compensation, which will be 10% in the base. property values. Bonus of 20% it concerns the value of buildings located on the property and the value of a home. The cash bonus must be a lump sum equivalent of the cost of moving or legal activities – not yet refunded. It will also be an additional fee for acquiring real estate for a public investment – indicated by the project developers.

Suchoń stated at Wednesday’s conference that opposition politicians want to reject the draft amendment to the property management law. “This law is just bad and will hurt people,” he said. He stressed that the 2050 Polish MPs would table a second reading motion to reject the submission – “taking into account the authorities who are leading this project so brutally and destroying people’s lives”.

“The residents are not heard by the company and the government,” says Maciej Lasek. As he added, as a result of the construction of the CPK, “more than 20,000 people are threatened with expropriation of their territory”. He emphasized that this not only concerns land for the construction of the port itself, but also the high-speed rail.

“It is an attack on property. It is the theft of property, if the owners are offered 30-40 percent of the value” – said MP Krajewski. He referred to the information in the Polsat News material, where residents of the Baranów Municipality who signed up for the voluntary acquisition program received estimated calculations of the amounts they could receive for their properties.

Suchoń ruled that the implementation of the filing in its current form will allow the company responsible for the construction of the CPK to “change spatial development plans” – as a result – “block investment in municipalities”.

Speaking at the conference, Pawliczak said the lack of wide-ranging public consultations on the bill was a manifestation of “arrogance and the shoes of power”. She stressed that the CTH investment should be “suspended and verified”. “All contracts and obligations signed (by the company) must be checked and monitored by competent and appointed services” – added the MP from Lewica.

Gabriela Lenartowicz called on all interested citizens to appear in the Sejm at a public hearing on August 4. She added that a written request to participate in the public hearing must be submitted one week before the hearing.

The parliamentary infrastructure committee was due to consider the draft amendment on property management on Tuesday, but the motion to hold a public hearing on the project was finally approved on Aug. 4.

The Central Communication Port is owned by the Ministry of Finance. The company was established to prepare and implement the multi-year program of the Central Communication Port, which involves the construction of a new central airport for Poland and the coordination and implementation of associated investments, including a new network of railway lines, highways , highways and other transmission infrastructure. Ownership control of the company is exercised by the government’s proxy for the Central Communication Port. Currently, it is Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, Funds and Regional Policy, Marcin Horała.

The CPK will be established between Warsaw and Łódź and integrate air, rail and road transport. As part of this project, 37 km west of Warsaw, in an area of ​​approx. 3,000. ha, the Solidarność Airport will be built, which in the first phase will be able to handle 40 million passengers per year. The STH will also include investments in rail: a hub in the immediate vicinity of the airport and connections within the country, enabling travel between Warsaw and major Polish cities in no more than 2.5 hours. The investment should enable the creation of approximately 300 thousand. new jobs. Airport City is also being built in the CPK area. The CPK will be built in 2027, together with the construction of the necessary connections with the components of the rail and road network (PAP)

Author: Adrian Kowarzyk

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