Losing weight in the summer can be dangerous. Don’t make these mistakes

Losing weight should never happen suddenly – it is best to do it sequentially, shedding excess pounds over several months. Otherwise, it may adversely affect your health. If you haven’t lost weight before your vacation and you’re still on a diet, see what mistakes you shouldn’t make. explains the nutritionist.

  1. Providing the body with too few calories
  2. Too restrictive approach to the diet
  3. Insufficient body hydration
  4. Lack of verification of weight loss support
  5. Putting too much pressure on yourself

Summer is often the finishing line in trying to stay in good shape and a good figure. If we were unable to lose the planned kilos before the long-awaited departure, we often use the last-minute methods. However, this can affect your health. Which nutritional mistakes can be dangerous when losing weight in the summer and how to avoid them, explains Anna Szufnik-Ambroziak, nutritionist from Nice To Fit You.

Providing the body with too few calories

It’s a mistake to keep calories to a minimum on hot days. High temperatures put a heavy burden on our body, which has to maintain its own constant body temperature. We can then feel a decreased appetite, fatigue and a large drop in energy. In addition, such action slows down the digestive process. Paradoxically, in order to support the body in hot weather, it is necessary to provide it with sufficient vitamins and all necessary nutrients, even if the need to eat decreases.

The most important thing is to eat regularly, do not skip meals and, when composing a diet, remember that the digestive tract is simply tired. Let’s choose easily digestible meals, which are easier to digest, avoid fatty junk foods, as well as salty snacks or sweets that retain water in the body. Cold dishes, which we eat more often on hot days, help the body to regulate body temperature in a natural way.

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Too restrictive approach to the diet

First, strict restrictions are difficult to maintain and do not form good eating habits. They often cause feelings of hunger, and in people who want to lose weight, eventually also the yo-yo effect. They are often based on the elimination of selected nutrients, which can lead to deficiencies and disorders. The key to healthy and long-lasting success is balance. It will be much more beneficial to focus on getting to know and listening to your own body and making sure it gets all the nutrients it needs, rather than raw, short diets that don’t build a healthy relationship with food.

A similar rule applies to physical activity. The desire to quickly exceed your limits and burn as many calories as possible, especially on hot days, can injure or weaken your body. Instead of a sprint at 35 degrees Celsius, it is worth opting for a walk with sticks or to the pool, starting with exercises of less intensity.

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Insufficient body hydration

The warmer it is, the more the body sweats and the faster it loses moisture. This can create the illusion that you are losing weight, as the weight value may actually be lower. However, this is an undesirable and potentially health-threatening effect. “Lose weight” is not associated with the reduction of adipose tissue – and we want to lose it – just a temporary lack of fluid. If you don’t replenish fluids regularly, you run the risk of dehydration, which can be very dangerous, not just for your health.

It should also be remembered that water is extremely important in the digestive process. It helps us to break down the so-called chunks of food, it is a component of digestive enzymes and allows the absorption of nutrients from the gastrointestinal tract. Adequate water supply regulates the defecation process and prevents constipation. Without proper hydration, it’s just harder to lose weight.

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Lack of verification of weight loss support

To help them stick to a certain diet, some people benefit from the support of box diets. But let’s do it wisely and opt for proven catering. In the summer, while we are usually very time-critical, let’s take a moment to make the right decision. In this case, the indicator can be industry certificates, such as Food Hygiene Control or the HACCP Food Safety and Hygiene Management System. Let’s also look for more popular signs that are also a valuable acknowledgment of the quality of a company’s products, e.g. for people restricting animal products, the V-Label or Viva Foundation signs.

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Putting too much pressure on yourself

According to many lifestyle scenarios, summer is the finish line of the race for shape and body. If we have not reached them by then, the head becomes full of remorse, self-esteem drops and a sense of failure arises. These are harmful approaches to what a diet is. And nutrition is a daily diet that should always be sensible and balanced. In the case of diet, positive motivation works much better than negative motivation as it helps to maintain good, healthy habits in the long run. It also does not cause unnecessary stress.

The summer season spoils us with lots of fresh, seasonal fruits – including delicious sweets with their addition – cakes, waffles and ice cream. Let us not see them as temptations, but let us use their advantages wisely. It is also a time of vacation, vacation, relaxation of body and mind: resting carefree is the best thing we can do for ourselves and our health.

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