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Creating a shelter in Ukraine for more than 1,000 Ukrainian citizens, mainly orphans from areas where military operations are currently taking place, incl. Doniecka and Ługańska – this is one of the goals of the Happy Kids Foundation in Łódź. Another example is the establishment of family orphanages in Ukraine.

About the already started project to create a shelter in Ukraine for more than 1,000 people of civilians, mainly orphans who have been evacuated from areas in the east of the country, where military operations are currently taking place, the Happy Kids Foundation informed in a press release that was sent to PAP.

“Since the outbreak of the war, I have crossed our eastern border several times, including to select buildings for renovation together with the regional authorities of Ukraine. Selected premises are located in non-war areas, in the western part of the country and away from military and strategic nodes that can be attacked, including Chernivtsi, Transcarpathian and Ivano-Frankivsk oblasts. Here we have already started placing children from orphanages, as well as mothers and seniors fleeing the eastern part of Ukraine “- explained the chairman of the Happy Kids Foundation, Aleksander Kartasiński.

In consultation with the Ukrainian authorities and with the support of the local community, the Foundation is renovating facilities that had to be brought up to standard before the war. The biggest problem is sanitary facilities that are not usable.

“There are also places like Kołomyja, where we also have to repair a damaged roof. Our tasks also include equipping these facilities with the necessary everyday equipment. At the beginning of July, the Foundation organized the first transport of 29 pallets with furniture, bedding, mattresses and hygiene products and household appliances. The equipment was delivered to centers in the Ivano-Frankivsk region “- added Kartasiński.

So far, three buildings have been renovated: the psychological and neurological sanatorium in Jezupol for 50 preschool and school-age children; Center for social welfare in the city Translator for mothers with children (approx. 25 people) and center for social assistance and rehabilitation in Kołomyja (approx. 50 people). There are also places like Hulajpole (now bombed), where the house has to be rebuilt from scratch. Renovation works started, including in the villages of Nadwórna, Witwica and Wynohradiw. The cost of adaptation more than 1000. places is 1 million euros, but the Foundation is already planning to renovate more buildings for Ukrainian orphans.

In turn, the director of the children’s psychoneurological center in the city of Wynohradiw, Yuriy Chuley, confirmed that some of the places prepared by the Happy Kids Foundation will be taken by the allegations of his center – teenagers with mental and neurological disorders who are of age, and for whom there is no other safe place right now. .

Due to the huge influx of Ukrainian refugees to Poland, it is estimated that 3 to 4 thousand children of this nationality will find their way into the Polish foster care system in the coming years. With them in mind, Happy Kids started the implementation of the “EuroHouse” project, based on the construction of 100 family orphanages in Poland for Ukrainian orphans.

“The Polish foster care system is not prepared for such a huge growth. We are fighting against ourselves to limit the number of children in orphanages and put them in family facilities where the youngest can develop well. We have 8 children. We already have one number of building plots, but we are still looking for new ones, so we are willing to cooperate with local authorities. We are interested not only in vacant properties, but also in buildings for renovation “- said Kartasiński.

The Foundation has started the renovation of its former family orphanage in Wałbrzych and plans to build it in Dąbrówka. After the end of the war, Happy Kids wants to transfer the idea of ​​family orphanages to the territory of Ukraine, where institutions with up to 200 students are the norm. The foundation’s specialists will transfer their experience to the local health care system to introduce a new form of foster care in Ukraine. The estimated cost of this project, including: the construction of houses and the employment of personnel is 200 million PLN.

Already in the first days of the war, the Foundation, in consultation with the Ukrainian ministry, brought almost 1.5 thousand people to Poland. children from orphanages.

“Ukrainian children who have found refuge in Poland are longing for their homeland, and the local government wants them back. The children have been wondering for a while if it is possible. So I visited their former homes and it turned out that some of the buildings were destroyed by the war and the buildings that survived don’t meet the standards anyway. That’s why we decided to renovate these places as well. But it’s too early for that, the war is still going on”- Kartasiński added. ( DAD)

Author: Agnieszka Grzelak-Michalowska

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