It’s summer, it’s party time! XVII Review of Wielkopolska Folk Groups in Borek Wlkp.


The roar of the engine in the parking lot and folk singing on the stage – in Borek Wlkp An event took place on 17 July, a combination of these two events. For now we will focus on the 17th Review of Wielkopolska Folk Groups – we also invite you to the gallery of photos.

The festivities took place in a large market square in Karolewo, but – as many retro cars and springs arrived – the area of ​​the market itself was not enough and the car park was used. The crowd came. It is inconceivable that all this should fit in the Borek market … A few days before the event, the place had changed …

Accordions, trumpets, saxophones and violins resounded on the stage set up in the marketplace. There were also bagpipes from Biskupia. In total, 12 teams from Wielkopolska performed (some groups covered 150 km to appear in front of the public in Borek Wlkp.). As it was an anniversary event, prepared for the 630th birthday of Borek Wlkp., the formula has changed slightly this year. The accent of the disco dance of children and young people was added to the folk music rhythms and dances.

– It’s such a combination in our city’s jubilee year. We have decided that we can do more and different, so we have fun with a folk note, but there is also a contemporary disco dance – explains Justyna Chojnacka, director of MGOK in Borek Wlkp.

Thanks to this, children and teenagers could see contemporary dance between songs and preludes, which encouraged to play “in a folk tune”.

XVII Review of Wielkopolska Folk Groups in Borek Wlkp They came to have fun

When the folk group “Studzianna” appeared before the audience with their artistic program, the dancing began in front of the stage.

– The leader of the band, Teresa Snela, has such power and encourages the audience to move and dance. They are colorful, smiling and very friendly people, they know what they come for. They devoted their entire lives to their passion, dancing, singing and folk music – said Justyna Chojnacka.

During the folkloric performances, it was not difficult to notice members of folkloric groups coming to the festival to have fun. Borecka events are expected throughout the year. Some have known each other for years, so they see the review as a friendly meeting where you can chat, reminisce and laugh.

It smelled of fresh lard, pancakes, sandwiches, cake… KGW stands were overcrowded

The organizers: Borek Municipality and MGOK Team Borek Wlkp., On the occasion of the folk band review, gave the community the opportunity to brag about their love of cooking and culinary passion. 10 National Housewives’ Clubs in the vicinity of the Local Action Group made use of it. In the square there were stands with all kinds of drinks (lemonade in many flavors reigned, water from the saturator was served) and food. It smelled of fresh lard, but also of pancakes, sandwiches, dough and other pastries. The tables were full, the ladies were laughing.

We prepared a pizza – with cheese, ham, salami, own production, baked today. A total of 64 pieces of pizza came out. There was also something sweet – 70 cookies, eclairs with whipped cream. 15 minutes passed and everything was eaten – said the ladies of KGW Trzecianów.

Near the stage – as every year at the festival of folk groups in Borek – there was a huge frying pan under the tent, and there the cooks of Fabryka Obfitości, who prepared pork with colored rice and vegetables in the presence of the participants. The dish was cooked for over 4 hours and was divided into 630 portions. It broke out in a flash.

One square, one time, two events: a meeting of resoraks and folk song

On stage you could watch vocal, instrumental and dance presentations for 4 hours.

Operated: the Borkowiacy Regional Group, the Tośtoki Folk Group, the Studzianna Folk Group, the Kokorzynianki Folk Group, the Kapela Znad Orli, the Dębioki Folk Bands, Chojnioki, the Rosaryn Folk Group, the Biskupian Folk Group from Domachów and surroundings, the Chrzanianki Folk Group, the Retro Vocal Group. Children and young people from the dance department of MGOK in Pogorzela presented themselves in disco rhythms. The party was led by Kapela van Borek Wlkp.

When it was time for a little break, what happened in front of the stage! There were hugs and thanks. Special anniversary souvenirs were given to KGW members – as a thank you for their commitment to the event “Local flavors and resoraki don’t go out of style”. An added bonus was a hug with the director of MGOK Borek Wlkp, Justyna Chojnacka. It was not easy, because she presented herself in a pink dress (it couldn’t be otherwise!), Flared 1,5 m.

One square, one time, two events: rally of resoraks, retro cars and performances by musicians and singers. There were doubts.

– Drama, who came up with the idea of ​​combining such parties? Ourselves – said Justyna Chojnacka on Saturday.

But on Sunday the team of the cultural center in Borek Wlkp showed that it fits!

The money for the organization of the 17th review of folk bands from Wielkopolska was obtained from the budget of the municipality.

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