Construction of the central communication port. People are outraged by the valuation of their property

Bthe thigh of the Central Communication Gate arouses great emotions from the start. Especially among the residents of the areas where it will be built. Now it appears that their fear of the gigantic airport was justified. Journalists from Polsat’s Intervention spoke to a woman from the municipality of Baranów. Her house will be demolished in each of the three variants of the construction of the Central Communication Port.

Ms Lidia has applied for the Voluntary Acquisitions Program to prevent expropriation. The valuation she received for inspection is unacceptable to her. Preliminary estimates show he won’t buy anything “in the same style” for the money he receives.

The woman was offered 880 thousand. PLN for almost 6 hectares of land and buildings on it. – The house itself amounted to 152 thousand. zloty. This is the replacement value of the house, in which I have more than 100 usable meters, plus a garage, which is not included in the survey at all, that there is a garage, a boiler room, it is not visible at all – Lidia Jarzyna reported to the ‘Intervention’ reporter. She thought it was a ridiculous amount.

Ms Lidia claims she has not received the original or a copy of the list. She could only take a picture of a few pages. She was told she could appeal the expert’s verdict. However, she has no idea how to compose the letter, as she has only been given random pages for inspection.

Ms Lidia’s doubts were commented on for “Intervention” by Konrad Majszyk of the Centralny Port Komunikacyjny Company. He indicates that the valuation reports are prepared by independent valuers who take full responsibility. On the other hand, the company may not distribute higher amounts than those resulting from the valuation.

The inhabitants of the areas where the CPK will be built estimate that the owners of large farms and fertile land will lose the most through expropriation. They announce that they will not voluntarily surrender their possessions.

Paweł Pałuba, whose farm is to be closed, claims that the fertile soil should be poured over with concrete. In his opinion, many residents will not want to move voluntarily and end up with forced evictions.

Opposition MPs held a press conference on July 20 and called for the bill on property management to be rejected. This concerns compensation for expropriation for public investments, such as: CPK.

According to the concept, the compensation will in any case be linked to the market value of the home. A cash bonus will be added to the compensation, which will be 10% in the base. property values. Bonus of 20% This concerns the value of buildings located on the property and the value of a home.

Mirosław Suchoń from Poland 2050 stated at the conference that opposition politicians want to reject the draft amendment to the property management law. “This law is just bad and will hurt people,” he said. He stressed that the 2050 Polish MPs would table a second reading motion to reject the submission – “taking into account the authorities who are leading this project so brutally and destroying people’s lives”.

– The residents are not heard by the company and the government – said Maciej Lasek of the Civic Coalition. As he added, as a result of the construction of the CPK, “more than 20,000 people are threatened with expropriation from their territory.” He stressed that it is not only the land for the construction of the port itself, but also the high-speed railway.

– This is a property attack. It is theft of property if the owners are offered 30-40 percent. values ​​- judged in turn MP Stefan Krajewski of KP-PSL. He referred to the information contained in the Polsat News material, including Lidia Jarzyna’s story.

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