Animoon has an office from the moon. This is the latest project from NOKE Architects

The animation producer’s space office in an old tenement? Meet NOKE Architects’ next project. The idea of ​​the project refers in a surprising way to the name of the studio, combining bright colors with planetary elements. NOKE’s investor and designers also wanted to refer to the original architecture of an apartment in an old tenement.

  • Animoon has opted for a new office designed by NOKE Architects.
  • The studio is located in a tenement at ul. Chmielna in the center of Warsaw.
  • A visit to the Animoon office is a meeting of classics and celestial bodies, stimulating the spirit of creativity and energizing.

This is our next project with an exceptional investor: Grzegorz Wacławek. We knew that in addition to the bold concept of the whole, unique details and a reference to the context of the place would be important to him as always. That’s why most of the solutions in the project are custom and made to order by craftsmen – he says Karol Pasternakarchitect and partner in NOK architects.

Dark green hall and extravagant details

There is a small, creative team in the studio. His workplace is the main, largest room in the office. We enter it through a dark green hall, which forms a contrast with the open space. It is filled with light and natural colors. In the center of the room is a custom-made large table with a marble top. There they brainstorm and make plans for making animated films. On the opposite wall is an original wooden wardrobe, whose classic shape and materials are combined with extravagant details and mirrored doors.

moon theme

The main accent that breaks the classic decor is a huge ceiling, handmade by a company engaged in the design of film sets, resembling the moon.

With the shape of this facility, we wanted to refer not only to the name of the company, but also to the nature of the company. That’s why it’s being scaled up, like it was taken from the movie set – he says Pyotr Maciaszek, architect and partner in NOK architects.

The moon theme also returns in the form of lamps and a mirror hanging on the wall. The floors have a unique parquet of three types of wood, with a classic edge. Elegant skirting boards and window coverings were also made, referring to the history of the tenement.

strong color

The space in front of the windows was made of veneered slats and was given a round shape. Its shape, like the shape of the wardrobe, refers to modernist furniture designs. In it, the doors to three functional rooms are hidden: kitchen, bathroom and warehouse. Each of them is dominated by a different, strong color. – On the one hand, it was about separating the office space from the utility parts. On the other hand, it caused us to have a surprise effect. First we discover that something is hidden behind a wooden wall and then we are surprised by a strong color, which contrasts with the natural and subdued colors of the main room. It’s like visiting completely different galaxies – says Piotr Maciaszek.

The storage space is bright yellow, the cupboards and the hall are emerald green, while the bathroom walls are covered with carmine-colored acoustic wallpaper. There are mirrors that look like planets. The dominant color in the kitchen is blue. The open-work character of the veneered wall allows daylight to enter.

Powder pink, light stone and brass

There is a meeting room in a separate room, which can be reached from the hall. A surprise awaits the guests here. The hall is dominated by powder pink, light stone and brass. Due to the specificity of the room, it is perfectly soundproofed. NOKE has designed an acoustic ceiling with many small openings that resemble a starry sky. The walls are lined with custom velor wallpaper in soft pink tones that glow towards the window. In the center of the room is an original table with a marble top, also in a light pink shade. A screen is hidden in the windowsill, which when activated slides out, while the blinds are lowered in front of the window. On the entrance wall we see an unusual bookcase made of marble tiles and brass frames. The prizes won by the producers of Animoon are shown here.

Throughout the office, attention is drawn to elaborate details: specially designed furniture, parquet and lighting. The icing on the cake are stone panels with light switches – each one refers to the color of the room and has a different button layout.

A visit to the Animoon office is a meeting of classics and celestial bodies, stimulating the spirit of creativity and energizing.


Animoon is one of the best and most recognizable studios making movies and animated series. This year, the studio received the award for the best animation producer in Europe – Cartoon Movie 2022 Tribute. Their films have won over 100 top awards and are regularly presented at 150 of the most important film festivals around the world. Animoon’s productions have been nominated for the most prestigious awards: Cannes Festival, Annie Awards, and have been on long Oscar lists three times. The studio is located in a tenement at ul. Chmielna in the center of Warsaw.

cinematography: Piotr Maciaszek

video: Agnieszka Ostrowska, Maciej Jencz; colors – Magda Kulak

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