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The summer campaign with the Municipal Cultural Center in Nędza was completed, with the children spending their time very actively – there was a lot of wandering, playing together, joy and positive energy. Below is a report that was sent to the Nowiny editors by employees of the cultural center.

The first day of the Summer Campaign (4 July), as befits the holidays, we spent outside and very active. We rode our bikes along the forest road to the pool in Szymocice, where we waited for water frenzy, sports and relaxation on the grass. The kids did a great job and despite the heat they did a fantastic job on the cycle route in both directions.

On July 6, the children spent their time in the Mc BIZON Indian village in Karchowice. Our Indian guides: White Puma and Good Woman, told us extensively about the ancient lives, rituals and customs of the Indians. We learned how to shoot a bow, make fires with flints and flints, and even build and erect tipis. There were songs, Indian greetings and battle cries, sports competitions and lots of fun.

Teachers from the Young Technician Club organized fascinating workshops (08/07), in which participants learned the secrets of 3D printing, what applications can be made from objects printed in 3D printers, what they are made of and how they are designed. Finally everyone could print their own train with their own name.

During the trip to the historic narrow gauge railway station in Rudy (11.07) we had a great time! There were sports competitions with medals, a ride on a historic train, draisine races and a sausage fire. We also visited the new multimedia museum dedicated to the history of the railways in Rudy, where children with 3D glasses could experience driving the train from the driver’s perspective.

On July 13 we went on a trip to the Jura. The kids did fine, but sometimes it was tough, oh hard uphill. During our trip we visited Hercules’ Club, Pieskowa Skała Castle and the modern Ojców National Park Museum. Then we took a walk to the Grota Łokietka, which we also met from the inside. On the way back we passed the gate of Krakow and admired the characteristic rock called the glove. At the end, a walk along the Prądnik Valley and a well-deserved rest, time for souvenirs and ice cream. The beautiful weather did not let us down during our stay in the Ojców National Park.

Many thanks to our reliable guide – Górski Włóczykij Guide Michał Kulanek and the company Orinoko – Art & Travel – as always, everything buttoned to the last button

And at the end of the Summer Promotion of 2022, we invited all board game enthusiasts, big and small, to the qualifying tournament for the Polish Championship in the CATAN board game, which took place on July 15, 2022.

The Municipal Cultural Center thanks the children and their parents for their enormous contribution, trust, presence and kindness. We wish you a happy, carefree and unforgettable holiday experience, good rest, cheerfulness and a smile.

The main sponsor of Akcja Lato was Gaz-System.

And it wasn’t boring at the Municipal Public Library in Poverty either. Here is a brief summary of the classes that took place from July 5 – July 14

Summer classes in the library started with the “Sound Laboratory” workshop with Mr Kork’s scientists. Young readers checked the amplitude, frequency and timbre. Each participant made an instrument from simple items available at home. Animal lovers were able to see native and exotic amphibians during a meeting with “Insects and Co.” biologist Maciej Kupczak. The teacher also told about the life of bees. The structure of the hive, the outfit of the beekeeper and the ways to use the wax were presented. At the end there was a sweet honey tasting. Oh, the theater performed for the audience from Poverty. the spectacle “Professor Wiedzosław’s Ecology Lessons” gave information about waste separation and recycling and put you in a good mood by presenting numerous jokes. The last proposal was an art and movement workshop “Architect in Warsaw”, where children sketched the design of their dream house, remembered the main monuments of the capital and made handbags for small gifts. Preschoolers were invited to the Toddler Club, where librarians read fairy tales and played educational games.

The Municipal Cultural Center and the Municipal Public Library Poverty would like to thank the children and their parents for their enormous contribution, trust, presence and kindness. We wish you a happy, carefree and unforgettable holiday experience, good rest, cheerfulness and a smile.

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