The largest drugstores in Poland are recalling Russian cosmetics

The war in Ukraine is bringing changes to the economy. Poland also wants to support Ukraine as much as possible and that is why some large chains stop selling Russian products. Hundreds of cosmetics disappear from the shelves. We will not buy them in Rossmann, Kontigo, Topaz and Netto stores. More stores are sure to follow.

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Russian cosmetics disappear from Polish stores

Already over the weekend, information appeared on the Internet and on television about paying attention to barcodes when shopping and thus consciously refraining from Russian and Belarusian products. Russian product codes start with a range of numbers 460 to 469, and Belarusian 481. It is best to choose the one with the code 590, which means a Polish product.

But it’s not all. Today, major retail chains such as Topaz and Netto, as well as the online stores of Barbora and Lisek, have also joined the product boycott, announcing that they will be withdrawing all products from Russia from sale. The same goes for two huge drugstore chains – Rossmann, Kontigo and Super-Pharm. Only in this case it concerns care and make-up cosmetics.

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The Rossmann company in no way wants to support producers from Russia, whose taxes – by feeding the Russian budget – can also be used for purposes related to the attack on Ukraine. Therefore, we immediately decided to remove from the shelves of our drugstores 52 products produced directly in Russia (the decisive factor was EAN, which indicated Russia as the country of origin) and 101 products from the Polish distributor (this is the brand Natura Siberica, which supplies cosmetics under license from the Russian company Natura Siberica LTD.). We are also responding in this way to suggestions from customers who want to make sure that by shopping in our stores, they will not support Russian aggression in any way,” the official statement read.

Kontigo issued a similar message: “We are deeply moved by the situation in Ukraine and express our full solidarity with our eastern neighbour. At the same time, we would like to inform you that we have made a decision to withdraw from sale all cosmetics of Russian origin”.

The Super-Pharm chain also joined the boycott:

On February 28, 2022, the management of Super-Pharm Poland decided to immediately withdraw from the market all products of Russian origin and products under the Russian license. The network opposes supporting companies where taxpayers’ money can support causes that undermine fundamental values ​​such as human rights and human life. As a result of these decisions, 80 products from four cosmetic brands were withdrawn from drugstore shelves,” we read.

We think more large retail chains and drugstores will follow suit. In this way, by acting together, we can weaken the Russian economy and thus help Ukraine!

Natura Siberica Correction regarding the origin of the products

After the information published yesterday in the Rosmann perfume network about the withdrawal of all Natura Siberica cosmetics from the drugstore, the Polish distributor sent a correction to the press regarding the origin of Natura Siberica products and Babushka Agafia’s Recipe.

“We strongly condemn the Russian attack on Ukraine, we are accompanied by emotions such as fear, anger and bitterness, but we cannot help but react to the misinformation that appears in the media and social media that affects the good name of our company.

The comments calling for a boycott of Russian brands include Natura Sberica brands and Babuszki Agafia recipes. We do not deny the Russian roots of these brands, but we would like to remind you that the cosmetics of these brands, which are sold on the Polish market and in other countries of the European Union, were developed and produced by the company Eurobio Lab OU from Estonia. (…)

After the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, we decided to block orders for all products from Russia (editors as distributor of FMCG and OTC products). The company has been supporting numerous charities for years, and we are actively involved in the fight against Covvid-19. Now we also support financially and materially organizations that help refugees from Ukraine,” the statement reads.


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