Royal Robbins Spring-Summer 2022 Collection

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Innovative technologies, ethical production, earth colors – the Royal Robbins brand has presented a collection of tourist clothing for the spring-summer 2022 season. It will work in extreme and completely everyday conditions.

The Royal Robbins brand was founded in the 1960s by mountaineers and pioneers of American rock climbing, the royal couple and Liz Robbins. Out of respect for nature, they climbed and followed the rules and techniques that prevented them from destroying the rock surface. That’s how they started the philosophy of clean climbing.

(Photo: Press materials)

They got the idea to start a clothing brand when they realized that the military clothes and the frayed jeans they climbed into didn’t look their best, nor did they meet safety requirements.

Today, Royal Robbins is a producer of multifunctional outdoor clothing. Aesthetics combines the elegance of everyday wear with the comfort of functional sportswear. Made from quick-drying, lightweight materials, they ensure freedom of movement and a good look, whatever the occasion. As a result, they do not only work well on tourist routes.

Royal Robbins focuses on the well-being of people and the planet. He maintains a high work ethic and thanks to his membership of the Fair Labor Association, he guarantees safe working conditions and decent pay for his employees.

Collection for the spring-summer 2022 season: colors of heaven and earth

The collection for the spring-summer 2022 season is dominated by the hues of heaven and earth. Among the fabrics, in addition to organic cotton, wood pulp or hemp material was also used, which is at the forefront of ecological fabrics. Hemp is ethically sourced and the clothing made from it is an excellent alternative to linen and cotton garments. Hemp fibers acquire even more softness and delicacy with each wash and become an increasingly pleasant wrap for the body. Pleasant to the skin, not only does not cause allergies, but also provides antibacterial protection.

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The Royal Robbins proposals used hemp material, including to sew dresses – elegant enough to dine with, and easy enough to roam the beaches with. Vacationer Dress and Hempline Dress are distinguished by comfortable, yet feminine cuts, and their well-thought-out shape is apparent, for example, from hidden zippered pockets.

Collection presentation

We discovered the functionality of Royal Robbins clothing during the presentation of the brand’s summer collection at Rybieńko Leśny in Wyszków. Near Kamieńczyk, at the foot of the Liwiec River, we devoted ourselves to a forest bath – shirin-yoku. This way of relaxing, originating from Japan, is nothing more than a walk among the trees. However, the most important element is the complete and conscious focus on the nature that surrounds us. Royal Robbins clothing with Insect Shield® coating that kept mosquitoes and ticks at a safe distance made us feel completely relaxed.

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Relaxed and with a calm mind, we went on a kayak trip on the Bug. Jackets from the Bug Barrier collection protected us from the harsh sun. Thanks to the built-in intelligent temperature thermoregulation system, we felt fresh despite the heat.

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The Bug Barrier line also includes socks – Bug Barrier Unisex Quarter Sock, which provide ventilation and support for the feet. They’re made from a durable hemp blend – naturally odor resistant – that cools when it’s hot and warms up when the thermometer bars fly down. By wearing Royal Robbins socks, we also help others. The brand donates 1 percent. take advantage of every pair sold to the Aventure Travel Conservation Fund, which helps fund projects that protect natural resources in tourism-dependent economies around the world.

Innovative technologies

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Royal Robbins sews from modern fabrics. HeiQ Smart Temp reacts to body heat, cooling and transporting moisture to the outside. HeiQ Stain Away makes it easy to remove stains with just water. Insect Shield technology, registered with the United States of America Environmental Protection Agency, consists of placing a substance between the fibers that is safe for children and adults, and environmentally neutral permethrin, which repels insects. The protection it guarantees is odorless and remains effective for up to 70 washes.

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