Houses for sale. Gdansk Wrzeszcze

Houses for sale in Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz are one of the most chosen properties on the Tri-City market. The proximity to the center, the developed infrastructure, but also the quick access to green areas and the sea make the houses in Wrzeszcz very popular. The district combines modern character with age-old tradition and is one of the most populous districts of Gdansk.

Wrzeszcz is one of the oldest districts of Gdańsk, currently administratively divided into Wrzeszcz Górny and Wrzeszcz Dolny. It combines many functions and provides residents with everything they need: jobs, greenery, extensive commercial, service and communication infrastructure. Wrzeszcz is located north of Śródmieście.

House for sale in Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz – own plot of land in the center

Houses for sale in Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz are one of the most desirable properties on the market. The district consists of both modern and restored buildings with many years of history.

Wrzeszcz is distinguished by a variety of buildings. In addition to houses, there are also historic villas and mansions, condominiums, tenements, new apartment buildings and investments. New facilities are regularly built and other properties are restored. Wrzeszcz is a good place to live for people of all ages. Families with children appreciate the proximity to kindergartens, schools and shops and service points. Thanks to the developed communication infrastructure, the elderly can easily get everywhere and students and young people like to make use of the entertainment on offer. Also a big advantage is the proximity to the Gdańsk University of Technology and easy access to other universities.

There are many companies in the district with a different activity profile. One of the largest train stations in the city is available, there are trams (including lines 2, 3, 5, 8) and buses (including lines 110, 115, 116, 149). Residents can take advantage of the full range of shops and service points. There are three shopping centers in Wrzeszcz, large format shops and smaller residential areas, restaurants, cafes, bars and cinemas.

Much of Wrzeszcz Górny is occupied by Jaśkowa Dolina Parkwhich was established at the beginning of the 19th century. In the forest are, among other things, Bostheater, gazebo with the Gutenberg monument and recreational areas for children and adults. There are many smaller parks in Wrzeszcz, incl. the park by the Strzyża stream or the Kuźniczki park, which has been restored in recent years. The area is also a place for regular walks Słowacki Reservoir.

Houses in Wrzeszcz are located in close proximity to many revitalized areas. One of the largest is Garnizon, currently a modern estate surrounded by restaurants, cafes, commercial and service buildings and offices. There is also a concert hall and various types of venues in the garrison. In Wrzeszcz Dolny there is a renovated Wajdeloty street and a new residential area built on the site of the former Gdańsk brewery. Next to it is the Kuźniczki Park.

Houses in Wrzeszcz – different offers

Are you looking for a house for sale? Gdańsk Wrzeszcz is a part of the city with a wide range of real estate, mainly of the secondary market. Detached houses, terraced houses, semi-detached houses… there are many options to choose from, matching the different needs of buyers.

Houses in Wrzeszcz are mainly buildings built before 2000. On the market you will find real estate that was in use from the 1930s to the 1990s. Wrzeszcz is a neighborhood with a compact development. The houses have an area of ​​approximately 100-300 square meters. Homes with larger surfaces have a part intended for retail and service locations.

Some of the buildings are in need of renovation. Most have a private garden with trees and shrubs, a balcony and a garage or parking space. Older buildings often also have cellars and attics that still need to be developed. Spacious rooms make houses in Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz comfortable places to live for families, but also for people who value their own plot of land in the city center.

The proximity to the sea is another advantage of houses in Wrzeszcz. Although the district is not located directly on Gdańsk Bay, reaching the beach in Brzeźno from Wrzeszcz Dolna takes about 15 minutes by car.

How much does a house in Gdansk-Wrzeszcz cost?

Prices of houses for sale in Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz start from 5-6 thousand. PLN per m² For a house with an area of ​​​​200 m², built in the 80s, you have to pay 1.4 million PLN for renovation. A detached house close to the forest, inaugurated in 2014, with an area of ​​more than 400 m², costs almost 11 million PLN.

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