Fashionable nail polish colors for the summer of 2022 that accentuate your tan. You will love these shades

We present fashionable nail polish colors for the summer of 2022 that will accentuate your tan. In our list you will find six delicious shades – including pastels, but also the juicier and eye-catching shades.

Fashionable nails for the summer of 2022? During the hottest months of the year, we are more likely to experiment with tile length or shape, patterns and colors. We combine those that seemingly do not match, and the results obtained often surprise us positively. During the summer holidays we take trends into account. In addition, we look at which shades best suit skin that has been lightly touched by the sun. If you’re wondering this too, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a selection of trendy nail polish colors for summer 2022 to enhance your tan. Get to know our TOP 6.

Vegetable she has her five minutes when it comes to styling her nails. A few seasons ago, the eyes of the entire beauty world were focused on dark shades of bottles. Then it was time for persimmon and olive oil. In the spring of 2022, users and Instagram users went crazy matcha latte nailsie – as the name suggests – a manicure inspired by the popular tea-based drink. However, the summer of this year will belong to Neon green. This color cannot be ignored. It will brighten up any – even the most basic of styling – and will blend in beautifully with your tan. We just love it. However, it is worth adding that the combination of neon green and pink is also very popular in social media.

about fr. pink… The juicy shade will also enhance your holiday tan beautifully. We like to use it in decorations, for example in (still very popular) French manicure. This is, of course, one of many suggestions. On Instagram or TikTok, there is no shortage of stylish inspirations for fashionable nails for the summer of 2022 with this color. Top manicures and manicures prove that it is not only stylish, but also very universal – it looks good on a board of any length and shape.

Prefer something more modest? Here’s our suggestion. pastel pink It always works – on a daily basis, on special occasions and also during holidays, when our skin is slightly tanned by the sun (remember not to overdo it with sun exposure and always use an SPF cream). You can paint all nails with this color, combine them with others or use them alone to create patterns. There are many possibilities, but the decision is yours – do not be afraid of beauty experiments.

Writing from Fr. fashionable nail polish colors for summer 2022 that accentuate your tanwe couldn’t and couldn’t forget lavender. The characteristic shade of violet will suit not only tanned skin, but also holiday outfits, including airy white dresses. We have tried and tested this combination and we have to admit that it is perfect for a holiday. We recommend that you take a similar step this season.

white nails? Well, you can love them or hate them. Nevertheless, it must be admitted that they look extremely stylish in the company of slightly tanned skin. And they are a great basis for (more or less) extravagant patterns or stickers. There are many inspirations available online from professional manicure and manicure, thanks to whom you will be happy to find nail polish in a white shade. This is one of our favorites for this season:

The sixth and last proposal of our list fashionable nail polish colors for summer 2022 that emphasize the brown coloris clear – extremely tasty yellow. This shade can be compared to butter or banana peel. It is perfect for a holiday – beautiful and at the same time original. We have no doubt that it will appeal to fans and fans of the Copenhagen style.

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