Erik ten Hag for ESPN: Man Utd is the most difficult project of my career |

The Dutch coach identified last season’s problems with Manchester United in an interview with ESPN and spoke about his predictions for next season.

During the interview, Erik ten Hag mainly referred to the situation of Cristiano Ronaldo, who is currently not training with the team and, according to media reports, wants to leave Old Trafford. The Dutchman denied these messages, which you can read about here.

The new Manchester United manager also shared what his team needs to be successful on the pitch. The 52-year-old also commented on the team’s most critical points in the previous campaign and revealed what solutions he plans to implement.

– If you want to get the right results, you need a team. It is about organisation, cooperation and discipline. Without discipline it will be difficult for us to appear on the field. When it comes to discipline, I am very strict. But I think footballers also have to take it seriously if they want to be successful. They have to stay together. Sometimes some adjustments are needed.

The Dutchman was asked about Harry Maguire, who would remain the team’s first captain. Ten Hag plans to support the 29-year-old Englishman and thinks Manchester United still have a lot to offer.

– I will support him every time. Ultimately it will have to take care of itself and has the right quality for it. He has shown that many times in the past. I always decide who will be the captain.

– Building a team is an important element. I’m always talking about a group of leaders. The captain is very important to me and I’m glad Harry Maguire is too. I think he is a first team player. He has proven it in the past, but must do it now and in the future.

– His playing impresses me. I expect a lot from him, but there is a lot of competition in defence. This is what this club needs.

Recently Lisandro Martinez signed a contract with the club. Erik ten Hag thinks the Argentinian can solve the team’s problems with the left side of the defense.

– We didn’t bring him to strengthen the squad, but the team. I came to the conclusion that Manchester United’s problems last season stemmed from the left side of the defence. Martinez is a left footed footballer, which creates an advantage in possession and defense. He will also bring the South American spirit to the team – aggression and control. He is a true warrior.

– He is not the tallest footballer, but he looks good in the air. I have no problem with that. Of course we need the right balance. Has good timing. I think it will suit our team and the way we play.

The reinforcements do not end with the Argentine. Erik ten Hag revealed that Manchester United are looking for a player to strengthen a midfield who can hold the ball.

– We are looking for a player who can play as a defensive midfielder and can handle the ball well, but he has to be the right player. There aren’t too many players in the market for this feature at the level we want. We have a list. We have classified the players who feel comfortable in this role.

– We will attack when the player is available. If we don’t find the right candidate, we will have to deal with the players we have in the squad and develop them so that they can play in this position.

– I would like to contract the English, and they are usually quite expensive. It cannot be denied. Ultimately, it’s about quality.

– I can see that last season influenced the players. Now they need to be elevated and motivated. We try to restore self-confidence. This is one of the most important elements of success. We need confidence in ourselves as individuals and as a team.

– I really believe in what we do. It’s a really big challenge, but so far I’ve been able to get the most out of my teams. Manchester United is by far the most difficult project. I’m aware of this, but being here means I’m confident I’m going to make it.

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