Coal subsidies that do not exist. PiS does not want to help, fights for stool | Coal subsidies that do not exist. PiS doesn’t help, it’s just fighting for seats

There is no coal and the business subsidies law remains dead, so PiS decided to do what it knows best: give citizens cash. Before they realize there are no more coal subsidies and prices are rising even faster, they may somehow creep into the election.

Households who have indicated in the municipality to heat their houses with coal will pay the government 3,000 PLN extra. PLN for the purchase. Regardless of their income. Applications can be submitted in July at the municipal offices. The problem is that there is no carbon. European countries are looking for suppliers all over the world for 50 million tons, Poland is even 4.5 million tons short. The money that will flow to the market in the form of compensation for its purchase will only accelerate price growth, there will be no fuel coming out of it.

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The PiS government is cheating us and making us dependent on coal from Russia

The government is convinced that Poles will appreciate the concern and will not notice that they only saw the problem in the summer and did not even try to solve it before. It’s not just that winter will prove to be hungry and cold for Poles. This is not only, as Mateusz Morawiecki proclaims, the fault of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, but also the total lack of a sensible energy policy. The effects of this lack – only – were felt in February 2022. Unfortunately, they will be long-lasting.

The Law and Justice government was not concerned about global warming, and President Duda insisted that we have enough coal for the next 200 years. However, mines were quietly closed and extraction was limited, because the coal seams are deep in our country and their extraction requires expensive and long-term investments. However, Poland became more and more dependent on this fuel, only that it was not Polish, but imported from Russia. It was much cheaper and it still heats the houses of many Polish farms.

Morawiecki yells at Brussels, sends Poland to undergrowth

When Putin attacked Ukraine, Prime Minister Morawiecki called on Brussels to quickly declare an embargo on Russian coal. However, he did not think what Poland itself would replace him with. This is how we wasted the spring months, it was warm after all. But despite this, coal prices began to rise sharply, as other countries thought about it intensively, looking for fuel all over the world. And because prices were not only high in the fuel market, but also in the food market, it was finally time to think about winter. The government started sending us into the forest for undergrowth. It was only the media that made him realize that it could end badly not only for the Poles, but also for the rulers.

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Missed Fees

In view of the above, compensation has been devised for companies that trade in coal. They had to sell it cheaply to the owners of coal stoves, although market prices rose. Proposed sale of tons of coal by warehouses at a price below 1,000. PLN, when nearly 3,000 were already paid in the market, was ignored by coal merchants. They didn’t want to lose on such an interest, or console themselves with the hope that one day, maybe in a few months, the government would compensate them for the losses on cheaply sold coal. However, the owners of coal warehouses have a better view of the market than the rulers. They responded cheaply to selling incentives with a shrug. There is no carbon. The law on corporate subsidies remains dead.

Add money to citizens

So PiS decided to do what it does best – add money to citizens. Before they realize there are no more coal subsidies and prices are rising even faster, they may somehow creep into the election. But people, even if they are poorly versed in market mechanisms, have eyes. They see that they cannot buy coal without compensation.

They are also aware that even if it is somehow possible to buy more coal, it will still have to be transported to Poland and then – even more difficult – delivered across the country. No – from the south as before, but from north to south. PKP Cargo will not be able to deal with it and, as usual, the government has not thought about it before. Cold and hungry winter cannot bake Law and Justice.

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Who voters to eat?

So there is a battle in the party over who will eat the angry voters. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki may turn out to be a victim of the lack of energy policies, lack of organizational efficiency and lack of managerial skills. His party friends don’t like him and Deputy Prime Minister Jacek Sasin tries very hard to give appropriate arguments.

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Hell, the prime minister did nothing in the fall, even though US intelligence warned of Russian aggression against Ukraine. Worse still, the prime minister did nothing even after the war broke out, even when Anna Moskwa, the climate minister, alarmed together with Sasin after February 24 that we would run out of coal. It was suggested that fuel imports could be handled by state-owned enterprises. Although they are subordinate to the Ministry of State Resources, namely Jacek Sasin, he should try to solve the problem, but the Deputy Prime Minister points to the boss. It was the prime minister who ordered state-owned companies to import coal on July 13, although other European countries had done so before.

The Strategic Reserves Agency also appears to point to the prime minister as the culprit, explaining its inaction with the lack of appropriate regulation. The agency is supposed to provide strategic supplies in emergencies, war is certainly one of them. And it was already buying coal from the domestic market during the PiS rule, when the war didn’t take place, and only the miners loudly expressed their displeasure at the lack of sales. At the time, nobody talked about the lack of appropriate regulations. Now he justifies his passivity with them.

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A fierce battle for seats in PiS

Finding the culprit will not make the winter easier for Poland, that it will be something to warm the house and put in the pot. It does not solve any of Poland’s serious problems, as it is not a struggle for Poland, but a fierce battle for seats between the ruling party’s factions. 3 thousand PLN in the form of compensation for the high coal price for families who use it to heat their houses is only ammunition in this war.

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