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On Monday, July 18, 2022, in the beautiful landscape of Winnica Uroczysko, in Janowice (Municipality of Pleśna), a contract was signed for the implementation of a collaborative project entitled Tourism in Pogórze, in terms of: preservation of local heritage; development of publicly available and non-commercial tourist or recreational or cultural infrastructure and promotion of the LDS area, including local products or services and local entrepreneurship.

– Tourism is changing. We have included everything that is valuable in our municipalities and has potential and is under development in the project.

Bike paths that already exist and are in use, as well as local inino are magnets that attract tourists to the area of ​​the three Local Action Groups participating in the project.

In the area of ​​the Śliwkowy route, we will try to make an investment in each municipality. In some municipalities, these will be infrastructure elements that will make it easier for cycling enthusiasts to stay in our region. p.for example Repair stations and bicycle sheds are being built there. Slightly larger investments will be made in the field of bicycle tourism in four municipalities. For example, in the municipality of Czchów, which is located in the center of the Śliwkowy Szlak, there will be a park & ​​drive parking lot for cyclists. You can leave your car and cycle on selected routes.

We also plan some activities related to everyday tourism, cycling and wine. It will be something that will facilitate the reception of tourists, and it will make it easier for tourists to stay on the “Śliwkowy Szlaku” – says Katarzyna Jasnos, president of the association “Na Śliwkowy Szlaku”, who is a partner of the project .

The aim of the project is to establish cooperation between three local action groups (16 municipalities), territorially connected, which are mainly active in Pogórze in Małopolska, i.e. the Dunajec-Biała Local Action Group, the Pogórzański Association for Development and the Association “Na Śliwkowy Szlaku” within the framework of creating the area “Microregion Pogórze” based on common historical, cultural and natural heritage through joint information and promotion of the area, construction of infrastructure for cyclists supported by marketing activities, in the context of the identified local resources.

The project includes the creation of the Pogórze Festival Office, the development of the book with the “Microregion Pogórze” logo, the development of the tourist and recreational infrastructure, the mapping of cycling routes, the development of numerous information and promotional materials, the organization of bicycle rallies under the banner of Tour de Pogórze, as well as the organization of a 4-day study trip to Carinthia (Austria) combined with the Slow Food Travel training for representatives of the “Pogórze Microregion”.

The thematic scope of the project has been developed by all Partners and finally regulated by the cooperation agreement.

The project will be executed until May 31, 2024 and the total value is PLN 1,264,024.

The ceremonial signing of the contract was attended by: Wojciech Skruch, Vice-President of the Małopolska Regional Assembly, Roman Wcisło, Deputy Director of the European Funds Department, Chief Specialist, NRN Team and LAG Danuta Filipczyk-Smaś, 16 authorities municipalities from the area of ​​three local action groups, namely the local action group Dunajec-Biała, Pogórzański Association for Development, Association “On the Plum Trail” and representatives of the project partners.

The project partners are:

– Local action group Dunajec-Biała

– Pogórzańskie Association for Development

– Association “On the Plum Trail”

The project is implemented under sub-measure 19.3 “Preparation and implementation of activities in the field of cooperation with the local action group”, which falls under the 2014-2020 Rural Development Programme.

Photo Maciej Mazury

LAG Dunajec – Biała / IB

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