A small child on vacation is your problem, not the others [LIST DO REDAKCJI]

It started with a letter from Mrs. Karina, describing her bad experiences with a plane trip to Turkey with her one and a half year old daughter. She complained, among other things, that no one would give her a seat at the airport and during the flight she faced several taunts because of the baby’s crying.

Ms Monika has decided to comment on thiswho states that she also has children, but has a slightly different approach to traveling with young children. Below we present the entire letter sent to the editors of Onet Podróże.


I read a letter from a reader describing the unpleasantness of returning with the children from vacations in Turkey. It’s summer, anyone who can go on vacation in search of peace and detachment from reality. I also have children and I know the challenges of caring for children in public areas and when traveling. She just feels the pain of this young mother who experienced the crying of her little baby and was unable to calm the little one.

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However, there is also a flip side of the coin, which comes not from empathy, but from a cold assessment of reality. And I would like to write about it.

The children are not the problem. Because there are many children who can have lunch in a restaurant. Most of the kids I meet in such places don’t cause any problems for other visitors. The problem is clearly bored kidssitting at the table is not a particular attraction, while adults do just fine and often ignore the needs of their students.

There are comments from disgruntled parents who say that children need to learn to “visit” somewhere.

Surely it would be good first if they could absorb the behavior at the table in general, not necessarily in a public place. And as I’ve noticed, most kids in restaurants feel comfortable in public areas. If it’s happened to anyone that a toddler running through a restaurant wipes his hands on the dress you were wearing that day, and after lunch you had another event planned, I’ll be honest, you deserve a little empathy too , especially when the guardian simply stated with a disarming smile “it is only a child”. So even “I’m sorry” wasn’t allowed?

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And we move on. We take these little ones on holiday and expect the world to see as we are traveling with the kids. And the world? Well, it’s not a matter of insensitivity, but the world recognizes that when you take your baby on a journey, you are aware of the consequences. It’s your decision, not your fellow passengers.

In the letter to which I refer, the reader was outraged that no one had made way for her chair. Honestly? He couldn’t and didn’t have to. You can also sit on the floor, which happened to me with children, because the old saying goes: you can count, count on yourself.

Dear Parents. It’s not hate, it’s just a moment to think. Do you have small children? Consider whether going on vacation, when older kids are on vacation, is a must? It is worth considering another date, when it is quieter at airports and hotels. In Turkey, Greece or Egypt it is even better to relax out of season because of the heat.

Another problem is the direction. And yes, everyone goes where they want, but again this difficult expression: consequences. Airplane travel for toddlers is more of a last resort. It just takes. And this in circumstances that are not necessarily adapted to children. So if you choose this direction, I hope you are aware of that and do not expect co-operation from fellow passengers, as they have different needs due to their departure.

Since we had small children, we took them on trips for several years that didn’t even require too long a car ride. For example, are there places where you can find similar attractions for children in the hotel as in popular resorts in Poland or, for example, in Lithuania or the Czech Republic? Maybe it is worth giving agrotourism a chance? It is also worth realizing that such a child may need a doctor, which can turn a trip abroad into a much bigger nightmare than the lack of empathy at the airport.

So, before going on vacation abroad with our kids, let’s look at several options to make this vacation a truly enjoyable family vacation.

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Fortunately, my experience shows that most kids in public are great. Unfortunately, our attention is drawn to such extreme cases, where a child makes us burn, for example by kicking our armchair during the flight (here is difficult to react, because the situation is difficult for the child), or they run around in the place where we went for dinner and entered our space. And it is often based on this that we form our opinion about, for example, adult-only restaurants. Because we also deserve a choice.


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