5 ways to refresh yourself in the summer. What helps in the heat?

In summer, especially on hot days, proper hydration is very important.

The real summer is finally back, and with it the warmth that can be felt. When it gets hot, we look for different ways to refresh ourselves. Proper hydration is key – homemade lemonades, flavored water, and refreshing drinks are the most popular ideas. How else can we cool down on hot days?

Let’s drink water! During hot days, we must attach great importance to the hydration of the body. All because in the summer we lose a lot of water through our skin. It is important to drink at least two liters of water per day. During physical activity, the dose of fluid should be even higher.

– When taking measurements in the office on a medical analyzer, I often notice that patients are very dehydrated on hot days. Unfortunately, the truth is that all of us know the theory that you should drink a minimum of one and a half or two liters of water a day, but almost no one cares about it – says Dominica Dietrich from the Academy of Effective Diet.

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1. Not just water to cool down!

People who do not like just water can prepare flavored water, for example with lemon, mint, green cucumber. It’s also a good idea to salt the water a bit to replenish the electrolytes. Homemade lemonade can also be an alternative to water.

The elderly should drink an extra serving of electrolytes every day on hot days, preferably bought from a pharmacy, which protects against dehydration.

2. Reach sorbets

Who doesn’t dream of ice cream on a hot day? It is best to pack sorbets with a small addition of sugar. People who need to be extra careful with sugar in their diet should prepare fruit sorbets themselves. We can sweeten the mixed fruit with erythritol or xylitol. It is important that such ice cream has no additives in the form of whipped cream or pieces of chocolate.

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3. Light Meals

Summer dinner should be without heavy, fried dishes. Instead, eat lots of vegetables.

– It is also a good idea to eat boiled potatoes with cottage cheese, herbs and chives. Let’s provide the body with fresh vegetables and essential ingredients – explains Dominika Dietrich.

Cold soups are a great way to refresh and enjoy a summer meal at the same time.

Cold soups are a great way to refresh and enjoy a summer meal at the same time.

4. Use seasonal fruits and vegetables

In summer it is also worth taking advantage of the wealth of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes or strawberries, watermelons and blueberries not only hydrate you and provide vitamins, but are also very tasty and contain few calories.

– For lunch, instead of sandwiches on a hot day, it’s worth grabbing a frozen fruit cocktail on yogurt or plant-based milk. If we keep it in a thermos, it stays cool for a long time – advises Dr. med. Paulina Borek-Trybałalecturer and expert at the University of Health in Gdańsk.

5. Cold soups with your favorite ingredients

In hot weather, cold dishes are also a good idea, especially coolers with kefir or just vegetables. The most popular is Lithuanian cold soup with beetroot and cucumber. They have many nutritional properties and perfectly satisfy hunger, because despite their low calorific value, they contain fiber from fresh fruits and vegetables.

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If we have a hard time drinking water, we can opt for refreshing drinks or flavored water.

If we have a hard time drinking water, we can opt for refreshing drinks or flavored water.

Sample recipes

Homemade lemonade

1l water
the juice of a lemon
the juice of a lime
1 tablespoon honey
a handful of mint
5 slices ginger

Preparation: pour water into a pitcher. Squeeze the lemon and lime juice. Peel the ginger and cut into thin slices. Add honey and a handful of mint.

Water with a taste

1l water
a handful of strawberries
a handful of raspberries
pureed watermelon juice
ice cubes

Preparation: Pour water into a pitcher and add ice cubes. Add the washed strawberries and raspberries and pour in the pureed watermelon juice.

Raspberry refreshing drink

1l water
a lemon
a lime
a few leaves of fresh mint or basil
a handful of fresh raspberries

Preparation: pour water into a pitcher. Peel the lemon and lime, cut into thin slices. Place the slices in the water along with the raspberries and mint.

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