12-year-old Jakub traveled nearly 7,000. kilometers by scooter to …

Jakub Dziuban wanted to make this dream come true for 2 years. Because of the school, he could not walk to Santiago de Compostela. His stepfather, Sebastian Kraszewski, suggested a scooter trip. Why not! The boy impatiently awaited the pandemic and they both embarked on the journey of a lifetime.

– I liked the road itself the most. The fact that I have traveled to visit many new places and experience pilgrimages. I wanted the grave of my patron saint, St. Jakub and think of many things – Jakub Dziuban tells the “Guest”.

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ADDED 18/07/2022

The male duo traveled from Smolec to Santiago in 12 days, covering 3,300 kilometers. In total it was more than 6,700 km in both directions. You had to be well prepared for that. A complete overhaul of the scooter was necessary. The pilgrims equipped themselves with motorcycle clothing, pump mats and pilgrim passports. Preparing the routes before departure proved necessary, especially to be as close as possible to the hiking trail of St. James.

Of course, spiritual preparation was indispensable. Confess before departure, Holy Mass and blessing by our pastor. Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Smolec.

– We drove the path and collected the stamps confirming the trip. We did 200 to 450 km a day. We had no assumptions about the need to visit specific places on the route other than Oviedo. We drove along the route of St. James all the time. First via the royal Via Regia, then Via Imperii, via Via Podiensis to Irun in Spain, where the Camino del Norte begins. Continuing through San Sebastian, Oviedo, to Santiago – the route describes Sebastian Kraszewski, who took Jakub on an expedition.

On the way back they visited the sanctuary in Covadonga and in Lourdes. They rode a motorcycle for 2 to 12 hours a day, depending on how they were feeling.

– The most difficult moment was the drive through San Sebastian. We barely got to Albergia. It was a very stressful moment for me. Steep, narrow and in my opinion dangerous. We had to go there twice, because I forgot my phone before – Jakub remembers.

He and Sebastian slept in camps so as not to block the sleeping places in Albergs for pilgrims on foot. In San Sebastian they spent the night in the pilgrim’s house. Almost everything was carried on a scooter. They had a tent, two sleeping bags, two inflatable mats, a beach blanket, a set of clothes for 5 days, a change of shoes and slippers in their luggage. In addition, a pilgrim backpack with useful items such as a pocket knife, documents, a telephone charger, a shell of St. James.

– We ate sandwiches prepared on the go, local food in bars and restaurants, and meals donated by other people we met – Sebastian says.

Traveling over such a long distance is difficult because you sit on the bike for a long time in one position. It is not known what can happen to us, what difficulties and surprises. The weather can take its toll from time to time. Sometimes very hot, sometimes cold, sometimes rain and then the sun again.

– When it was cold, I added a liner to my jacket, and when it was very hot, I went twice without a jacket, with short sleeves. Temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius. They were really deadly. Although such a journey is not easy, it is worth making. See it all and experience new things. My view of the world and my way of thinking about it has changed. My relationship with God also began to change. Now I see it better in everyday life, around me – admits the 12-year-old from Smolec.

The road went smoothly. The only service failure was the need to change the tire after reaching the destination. The trip was religious.

– Every day along the way we prayed all parts of the rosary for different intentions. On Sunday we took part in Holy Mass. in Figeac, France. No hourly Catholic Mass could be found in Germany. On the first day we visited the Church of St. Jacek in Legnica, famous for the Eucharistic miracle, and we stopped in open churches and chapels along the way for a short prayer and entered the memorial books – describes the scooter driver.

Jakub made his dream come true. How did his mother handle the trip?

– I remember my son had moments of doubt before he left whether he could do that, whether he would endure so much time on a scooter, because it is very far away. As you can see, doubts and fears have been overcome! I have to admit that I am approaching this trip very calmly. I am very happy that they have had the opportunity to see so many beautiful places and that they can see the grave of St. Jakub – says Monika Kraszewska.

She adds that, of course, she had concerns. Especially about what the heroes of this story had no influence on, namely other drivers.

– As far as we could, we ensured safety through proper motorcycle outfit with protectors, helmet, gloves, shoes, insurance, vehicle prepared for the road, but there is no way to prepare for other drivers on the road. It was somewhere in the back of my mind that was sitting still. Praying in the morning for a safe journey for them and other drivers helped me a lot, and in the evening thanking God that they are safe and sound the next night – my mother remembers.

The journey to the other side of Europe and back became a great and important experience for young Jakub.

– I felt happiness and satisfaction that I managed to get there and did not give up on the way, because there were moments of doubt. The joy was so great that I didn’t even feel tired. It was such a spiritual experience for me that it is hard to describe in words – sums up 12 year old Jakub Dziuban.

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