Will Żebrowski deliver the delivery himself? It’s a joke, never do it at home

  1. Aleksandra Żebrowska is nine months pregnant, but she and her husband decided to take a train journey from Podhale to the capital

  2. Pregnancy is not a contraindication to longer trips, but such a decision should be preceded by a consultation with a doctor

  3. A doctor or midwife must be present during the delivery. This also applies to home births

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The ebrowscy joke about giving birth independently

A photo of Michał Żebrowski has emerged on social media with a sterile medical kit designed to facilitate self-delivery in an emergency. The photo was posted on the internet by Ola, the actor’s wife, who is nine months pregnant. The couple would go on a trip to the capital Podhale and due to the advanced pregnancy, an unexpected delivery was a situation that could not be completely ruled out.

While special birth kits are actually available in medical stores, the Instagram post was humorous, referring to Żebrowski’s role of Doctor Andrzej Falkowicz in the “For good and for bad” series. In fact, there are many ways to prevent an unexpected birth. It is important to remain under the care of a doctor and for a woman to observe her body. Moreover, Medical consultation is recommended for a long journey in an advanced pregnancy.

Fortunately, the expedition of the Żebrowski family went without surprises. The mother-to-be is still waiting for the delivery action. However, she did not fail to share the information about unpleasant conditions, typical of the third trimester of pregnancy, with Instagram observers. Like other mothers-to-be, she also suffers from pollakiuria, which means she has to go to the toilet regularly.

“We got away with it and the Wars scissors were not necessary. Even though the hourly use of the train toilet in advanced pregnancy and in the skiing position is also quite an achievement” – writes Ola Żebrowska.

Taking this opportunity, we appeal to all women, not only in advanced pregnancy: do not urinate during the so-called Malysz. This is an easy route to incontinence and bacterial infections due to incomplete bladder emptying.

A doctor or midwife must be present during the delivery

Ola Żebrowska published the photo as a joke rather than an actual announcement to the world that her husband would be delivering on the train. At this point it is worth emphasizing that, of course, a similar situation cannot be fully predicted and that sometimes a child is born under extreme conditions, without the presence of a qualified doctor or midwife. However, this is something that should definitely not be pursued or considered as an alternative to a hospital birth.

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Of course, the pregnant woman has the right to choose the place of delivery – in the hospital or at home. According to the regulations, a doctor or midwife must be present during the delivery. In a home birth, a suitably qualified person will use their experience to perform the delivery safely and as comfortably as possible for the patient. In case of complications, he will also inform about the need to transport the mother to the hospital during the delivery.

What are the first symptoms of an impending delivery?

Sudden births are rare and most common in women who have given birth at least once. The action develops gradually and can last all day, but in the case of multiparous women it can also be shortened to about 8 hours. The first phase of a natural birth is the longest, lasting several or even several hours. During its duration, the cervix gradually dilates. Usually we have the opportunity to notice the symptoms of the early labor well in advance. Early signs of impending labor include back and thigh pain, lowered abdomen, diarrhea, Braxton-Hicks contractions, and spotting.

If you notice the symptoms of labor early enough, you can quickly reach the hospital or prepare for the home birth. A doctor or midwife must be present for a home birth.

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