Tomasz Grodzki and his delegations. We calculate costs

In the upper house lobby, it’s no secret that the chief senator loves to travel. As we wrote in Interia, Tomasz Grodzki is accompanied almost every time by the director of his office: – According to the practice adopted in the Senate Chancellery, the head of the office not only supervises, but also performs tasks himself, both on the spot and everywhere where the Marshal of the Senate lives, performing his duties – Interia Małgorzata Daszczyk explained in May.

We tried to find out who else flew with the Marshal, where and for what purpose the Senate delegations traveled, and what the cost of each trip was. The Senate Chancellery’s response does not take into account the full personal makeup of the trip, but covers the period from November 12, 2019 to May 5, 2022, when the chamber received our request for public information. As it turned out, the plane with Tomasz Grodzki flew 26 times outside Poland.

In the list of delegates provided to us, the Senate Information Center includes: the head of the Senate Chancellery, individual politicians, experts such as Michał Wawrykiewicz, and even the wife of Marshal Joanna Grodzka, who attended an audience with the Pope. In response, we won’t find any Senate executives, despite the fact that, as we heard, they flew with Grodzki.

In February, all the media heard the news about the Senate Marshal’s trip to the United States. As we wrote in Interia at the time, the departure made Donald Tusk very nervous. – The boss did not want the matter reported to the media, and the Senate Chancellery boasts about this trip on its website – emphasized one of our interlocutors.

Tomasz Grodzki apparently didn’t care about the media criticism, because when we revealed that the next stop on the Senate travel map would be Dubai, he had no intention of changing his plans: the Arab Emirates, because we want to diversify the sources of fossil fuels, including gas and oil, he explained in the Senate a few days later.

Our sources speculate that Tomasz Grodzki resigned from his trip to the United Arab Emirates after a meeting with Donald Tusk and the publication of Interia. Anyway, the delegation to UAE is not on the list provided to us by the Senate Information Center. However, there are many more interesting items.

The list shows that a group of senators visited Japan in 2020 at the invitation of the President of the Chamber of Counselors. Diets, accommodation and flights amounted to PLN 75,529.58. After leaving for Miami, it is second in the entire standings. Noteworthy is a two-day trip to Austria (10,031 PLN – ed.), where the Marshal celebrated the solemn anniversary of the Relief of Vienna and the anniversary of the visit of the Holy Father.

The more expensive visits also include those of October 2020 in Italy. Marshal Tomasz Grodzki and other senators then visited Rome in connection with the 25-year General Congress of the Union of Poland. Price? 17 603 PLN. And although there was a pandemic in the world and parliamentarians significantly curtailed their activities in 2021, the Marshal had very intense delegations.

For example: on June 25 and 26, Tomasz Grodzki, together with senators from the Civic Platform: Ewa Matecka, Janusz Pęcherz and Aleksander Pociej, visited Paris (5550 PLN – ed.). Barely two days later, on June 28, the Marshal was already with a new delegation in a special plane to Aachen (4681.67 PLN – ed.).

Until May 5, 2022, Tomasz Grodzki still managed to: American Saint Loius (PLN 14,281 – editor), Athens (PLN 7,859 – editor), Brussels (PLN 6.254 – editor) and the famous Miamiwhich was so strongly opposed by Donald Tusk. However, it is not surprising for the head of the Civic Platform: the flight to Florida cost 113,289 PLN and is the most expensive in the list, taking into account the air travel of the Senate Marshal.

The list of the Marshal’s official delegations of the past period mainly includes politicians from the PO and the opposition. However, we will find a trip on the list Maria Koc from PiS, which flew to Vilnius in early 2021. In the second half of February, just before the outbreak of war in Ukraine, the deputy marshal also went to Kiev Marek Pęk from PiS. Behind the scenes you can hear that politicians from Nowogrodzka avoid Grodzki like fire.

– We rate many areas of Tomasz Grodzki’s activity very negatively. Especially those related to foreign policy. There are many accusations, even from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that it is carrying out its agenda, not consulting the ministry and sending contradictory messages – claims Pęk.

As the deputy speaker of PiS tells us, before the Russian aggression, he made an exception and went to the official delegation because the PO politician wanted to “rise above the division”. The end of this cooperation between parties and joint delegations would be Grodzki’s loud speech, in which the politician accused Poland of financing Vladimir Putin’s regime.

– From the very beginning, there was a great distance from what the Marshal was doing. There was no ban, but we advised the senators to be very careful – explains Interia Pęk. – The message to the Ukrainian nation was a crossing of the Rubicon and from then on the recommendation for PiS is not to participate in travel with Tomasz Grodzki – he emphasized.

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