Minister Grzegorz Puda: We will allocate PLN 180 million for a project to promote the Żywiec region and all of Silesia – Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy

In the new financial perspective for 2021-2027, Silesia will receive a record EUR 5 billion from the EU’s cohesion policy budget, the most of any voivodship in Poland. It is also the largest budget for this region since our country joined the European Union. It will allow the implementation of many important projects for the future development of this voivodeship in the fields of infrastructure, tourism and environmental protection

– said the Minister of Funds and Regional Policy Grzegorz Puda.

One of the planned investments for the Silesia region, which will be co-financed by European funds, is the development of the Żywieckie and Międzybrodzkie lakes. I am convinced that this project will contribute to increasing the popularity and tourist attractiveness of the Żywiec region. Its effects will benefit not only the inhabitants of the Silesia Voivodeship, but also tourists from other parts of the country and from abroad.

– added the minister Grzegorz Puda.

Investment in the development of the Żywiec region

A collaborative project of the local authorities of the Beskidy Agglomeration ( Countyywiec County, Łodygowice Commune and Czernichów Commune) entitled “Development of the ywieckie and Międzybrodzkie Lakes” is one of the priority projects crucial for the development of the Silesian Voivodeship , in particular for the Żywiec region. The company is co-financed from the European Funds for Silesia 2021-2027 regional program. Its estimated value is PLN 180 million.

The project will be built in 2023-2028 and is based on:

  • creating a cycle path around Lake Żywieckie in the form of a loop and a fragment of the route to Kęty and Oświęcim, which crosses Lake Międzybrodzkie. The loop around Lake Żywieckie becomes the hub of the network of cycling routes in the southern sub-region of Śląskie Voivodeship, which includes National Route No. 17 and previously prepared routes to Sucha Beskidzka, the state border in Korbielów and Oświęcim.
  • construction of a marina for yachts and sailboats (the so-called three marinas),
  • creating boat launching sites, beaches and safe descents to the lake,
  • construction of a footpath, including walkways and a watchtower,
  • increase retention capacity and prevent flooding.

An important element in the negotiations with the European Commission on the final version of the European Funds for Silesia program for the years 2021-2027 was the signing of the program contract for Śląskie Voivodeship.

Program contract for Śląskie . Voivodeship

The Program Contract for Śląskie Voivodeship are the guidelines and conditions for the co-financing of the Regional Program European Funds for Śląskie for the years 2021-2027 and priority projects. More than EUR 5 billion has been earmarked for its implementation. This amount consists of:

  • resources from the European Regional Development Fund – almost EUR 2.1 billion,
  • European Social Fund Plus resources – more than EUR 0.8 billion,
  • resources from the Just Transition Fund – more than EUR 2.1 billion.

The program contract for Śląskie Voivodeship contains a list of 41 priority projects – essential for the development of this region and the whole country – which will be co-financed by European funds.

EUR 1.017 billion will be allocated to the co-financing of the project in the territorial dimension under the European funds for the Śląskie Voivodeship programme. Of this amount, more than 150 million euros will go to the southern sub-region of Śląskie Voivodeship, including Żywiecczyzna. This is EUR 45 million more than in the previous financial perspective (2014-2020).

The SIT Union of the Southern Subregion was established on the basis of an inter-municipal agreement concluded on 11 March 2015 by 41 local authorities. This is one of the four so-called Sub-regional ITIs, which include the following poviats: Bielski, Cieszyn, Żywiec and the city of Bielsko-Biała, and the municipalities: Bestwina, Buczkowice, Czechowice-Dziedzice, Jasienica, Jaworze, Kozy, Porąbka, Szcicerk, Wilamowice , Brenna, Chybie, Cieszyn, Dębowiec, Goleszów, Hażlach, Istebna, Skoczów, Stream, Ustroń, Wisła, Zebrzydowice, Czernichów, Gilowice, Jeleśnia, Koszarawa, Lipowa, Łękawica, Milodykawica, ygowica, ygowicał, Wiegierska Gorka Zywiec.

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