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No company can replace contact with parents…

Meanwhile, both the child and the teen need the attention of their parents. Communication with peers or making new friends, for example at camps, is very important and necessary for every child, as they build their own relationships. In this way he learns not only to communicate, but also to be independent, to take responsibility for himself and others.

But even if you spend a lot of time with friends, individual time with your loved ones – mom and dad – is very important for all children (regardless of age). The need to be with parents regularly is not replaced by friends, time, or attention from grandparents or close relatives.

Both a child and a teenager can have many favorite pastimes, enjoy the company of peers and adults, play with their sibling, but they may still miss the attention of their mother and father. Because time with one or both parents is unique and necessary at any age. Children and adolescents constantly want to see people who are important to them, they want to feel their interest, understand that they are important and needed, so individual time is one of the most effective ways to give a child this throughout the year.

Time shows that relationships are the most important

Being alone with the child strengthens the relationship with him, creates security in the relationship and strengthens the child’s self-esteem. Children who regularly receive individual attention from their parents are much more confident, less prone to destructive behavior and less likely to end up in dangerous situations.

When parents only focus on the child, they show that their relationship is most important, which gives the child stability, security and trust. When a child knows that he will be able to be alone with his mother or father, he calmly bids his time and openly shares his worries and joys with them, seeking solutions to difficult situations. When a child does not have to fight for parental time, it does not try to get attention by simulating being sick, feeling bad, not getting in a bad mood and thus taking offense at others, hurting itself and other members of the household is doing .

When you are with your child, the most important thing is to postpone other activities, disconnect the phone or TV and not talk to other family members. All attention should be given to the child. It is important to be interested in him, to look him in the eye. Such an individual moment can be a conversation along with an activity that the child offers, such as: walking, shopping together, picnicking, swimming in the pool, time at the lake, river. You can create new traditions during your family vacation. A mother or father with one child should spend 15 minutes every day or one hour a week.

It is especially important for both the child and teen to know that they will receive individual supervision from an adult for a period of time. So you have to set a day and time when there is only time with mom or dad.

Vacation is a time of unlimited fun. However, it is important not to forget about the safety of children, for example, when bathing.

Parental behavior that hurts the child

During the holidays and beyond, it is also worth remembering that it is not appropriate to discuss a child’s behavior or character with another adult when the child overhears. More than once I have seen adults start talking Lithuanian or English to each other so that the children did not understand their conversation. Kindergarten teachers or teachers sometimes do the same by telling mothers how their child has misbehaved in some way.

So let’s ask ourselves how a child might feel right now. The answer is simple. When we start saying that, we show that we are stronger. It is also disrespectful to a child who realizes that he is weak and small, that he does not yet speak a foreign language. An adult would feel the same as others, knowing he didn’t speak Spanish, would speak Spanish in his presence. No one would be happy about that.

What parents say about him is important to the child. If the mother wants to discuss the child’s behavior with the father, it is better if the child is deaf. Children can often explain Lithuanian or English expressions to themselves. In another situation, the child may simply ask what one or the other word means and thus explain what has been said before. Sometimes he repeats: “suprantu”, “ponimaju”, “I understand”.

Holidays are also a risk of unpleasant surprises

You go to work and leave the kids at home… In the afternoon a neighbor calls and says that the kid damaged his car while riding his bike. The neighbor is angry, repairs can be expensive and you don’t know where to start.

It can happen to anyone. Before your kids are home alone, it’s important to discuss with them the potential dangers and harm their pranks could cause. Only by constantly talking to children can we expect them to understand the game and act more carefully.

Most risks can be reduced by interacting with children and discussing the consequences of some action. You can also discuss activities where the risk of harming others is minimal. It is also important not to forget the safety of the children themselves.

Anna Pawilowicz-Janczys

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