After the holidays we pack our bags. Which products and services will increase in price the most?

  • Inflation is racing like crazy, reaching 15.6 percent in June.
  • We have the calm before the storm. After the summer holidays we will have to deal with further price increases
  • Gas and electricity bills will rise, and food will also become more expensive
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Inflation is raging. In June, that was 15.6 percent on an annual basis. That is slightly more than the economists who had estimated it at 15.5 percent. and clearly more than in May, when it reached 13.9 percent. At the same time, the June result is the highest since March 1997.

The National Bank of Poland report shows that we will have the inflation peak in the first quarter of 2023. It will then be 18.8 percent. Inflation is estimated to accelerate in the last quarter of this year when the anti-inflation shield stops working. It will be in operation until the end of October 2022. However, it is not certain that the government will abandon it completely.

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